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Website Optimization - Win and retain customers with TYPO3

This blog post is a contribution from our partner dkd - Platinum Sponsor of the TYPO3 OnlineDays21

The year is 2021, and almost every company now has its own website. The call for online-based opportunities to interact with customers and partners on a virtual level is louder than ever.

Companies that had already used digital technologies before were at an advantage in this respect and were able to return to their day-to-day business more quickly without major hurdles than those that were entering "new territory" in this area. Quite a few companies that had previously put too little importance to digital transformation have not only recognized the necessity and the previously unused potential as a result of the crisis - they have also learned to appreciate the advantages.

The digital agency dkd Internet Service GmbH from Frankfurt am Main would like to demonstrate in the following which possibilities can be made available to you by means of TYPO3, in order to also help your online business to the desired success.

Visibility: SEO for good search engine rankings

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and includes all measures that help to bring your website to the top positions in search engines. Only those who are found have the chance that their offers, information, products or services reach the desired audience – usually with the goal of closing a deal.  

SEO is roughly distinguished between onpage and offpage SEO. Onpage-SEO includes all aspects that can be influenced on the website to be optimized. Offpage SEO, on the other hand, includes all factors that have an external influence on the website to be optimized, such as links. Onpage optimization again distinguishes between technical factors and content-related factors. TYPO3 can cover all important factors on the technical side, which are necessary for a successful SEO and makes the editors' work easier when publishing the content.

However, to achieve top rankings, almost all factors should be fulfilled. On the technical side, this requires individual, project-specific configurations. On the content side, the type, quality and structure of the content. Experience plays an important role in driving website optimizations forward efficiently and in a secure and plannable way.

SEO should always be understood as an ongoing process. Regular analyses and ongoing monitoring are essential prerequisites for professional website optimization and a guarantee for long-term success.
dkd as a digital agency offers individual, needs-based combinations of technical support and editorial assistance. dkd's primary goal is to offer customers the best possible support for their projects and to generate joint successes.

Usability: The focus is always on the visitor

Successful websites are characterized by the fact that the intended goals are achieved and one can be happy about the return on investment. However, goals can be very diverse and different in nature. For example, to get users to sign up for a newsletter or to make an online purchase. Each case should be planned in advance and the user's click paths (call-to-action gateways) should be tested several times. 

The tests should be conducted by overlapping target groups and tested on different devices. For example, optimization for mobile devices is extremely important, as about half of all global page views now occur via smartphones.
The effectiveness of functions provided over the long term can be increased as needed by continuing to fine-tune them. Often, small causes have a big impact, such as the structuring of content or the color of a submit button.
A pleasant user experience leads to positive associations with the brand or the product and is therefore a decisive success factor.

Google rolled out the Google Page Experience Update in May 2021, which focuses more strongly on usability criteria when evaluating websites. These include loading times, mobile optimization, security aspects such as SSL encryption and protection against spam and malware, as well as accessibility to content.

With its project experience, dkd proactively supports and advises website operators in the implementation of new functions. New functions are extensively tested by dkd before each release. For conceptual design, the agency has access to a network of specialized designers with expertise in the fields of web psychology and neural marketing.

Interfaces for flexible application areas

TYPO3 provides a variety of interfaces to enable bidirectional data exchange with third-party applications, such as CRM or PIM systems. The data shared in this way can be processed in various ways, enriched with information and finally displayed on the website. 

For example, product catalogs, product configurators (including full-text search, filtering and configuration options) or customer portals can be mapped within the TYPO3 website, while the product or customer data is available on external systems (e.g. SAP, Navision, Salesforce, etc.).


But the output of different contents as "structured data" is also increasingly used in times of Open Data and is possible out-of-the-box with TYPO3. Thus provided, Google, for example, accesses product or event data from websites in order to deliver these already in special search engine results.

On the (front) seats! Ready! Go!

Anyone who wants to turn website visitors into customers is well advised to rely on a CMS that offers solid technical foundations and a wide range of customization options.
TYPO3 is characterized by its outstanding flexibility and scalability.


In synergy with dkd, a strong and experienced partner in the field of web development and TYPO3 digital agency from the very beginning, we create economical, secure and efficient internet applications for your online business.

Our services are interdisciplinary, which can be classified into three main areas:

  • Consulting and development
  • Hosting (SaaS, IaaS, CI/CD)
  • Website optimization and support

If you have any questions, we will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting.

Our service staff will help you by phone at +49-69-2475218-0 or by e-mail at

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