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TYPO3 University Day Is Coming Up - Thank You, Sponsors!

The TYPO3 University Day 2018 (T3UD18) in Mainz is coming up in the last week of September and we’d like to take a moment to remind you that you are warmly invited to be part of this year’s event. Last year’s T3UD17 in Darmstadt turned out to be an outstanding success and this year we expect more of the same. Come along and join us for conversation and engaging talks!

The annual TYPO3 University Day is a top-notch event for academic members who are end-users of TYPO3 and TYPO3 business managers and makers. It’s a great place to mingle with others and exchange thoughts, ideas and information during the breaks.

When & where?

T3UD18 will take place on 25 - 26 September in Mainz, Germany, just south of Frankfurt am Main. The “Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur” is hosting this year’s TYPO3 University Day (the event takes place once a year at changing venues, next year’s T3UD19 will be hosted by Universität Wien in Austria).

One day earlier, on 24 September, SkillDisplay will kick-off the T3UD18 with the Students Days, a 3-day gamification event including the MainzificRim adventure and the TCCE exam.

Supporters & partners

Investing in the future of TYPO3 benefits us all. We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement and enthusiasm of so many committed supporters.

On behalf of the Akademie Mainz, the TYPO3 Academic Committee and the TYPO3 GmbH team we would like to thank all our valued sponsors for their generous support of this year’s TYPO3 University Day. We are more than pleased to have the following sponsors:

Sponsorship is a great opportunity to align your business with our message of improving the collaboration between universities, TYPO3 and agencies. A special thank you goes to out our valued supporters and the crew that make this happen.

End-users of TYPO3 and makers come together

TYPO3 end-users play an active role at the T3UD and there’s a good reason for this: It ensures that the software is further developed in a way that serves the end-users well and best meets their specific requirements. The annual T3UD is a valuable opportunity for both sides and is rapidly evolving.

TYPO3 is a popular choice in higher education. For instance, in Germany a substantial market share of 60% of higher education institutions use the open source content management system (CMS) for their web application.

The main aim of the event is to further strengthen business relationships: those between colleges and universities that use TYPO3 for their web applications and those between the TYPO3 end-users and the TYPO3 makers. At the T3UD, both academic members and TYPO3 representatives share knowledge, experience and know-how. A wide range of topics will be covered, including an update from the Academic Committee, a talk about TYPO3 upgrades and relaunches and details on the new and all-inclusive TYPO3 Higher Education Package. For more details check out the T3UD18 program.

The T3UD conference continues to bring together higher educational leaders, future IT professionals and TYPO3 web professionals to deepen understanding of vital topics, advance innovative solutions and provide new opportunities for businesses.


The conference offers a practical approach. There will be key talks on a wide range of topics.. For more details please check out the agenda.

Organization & funding make events happen

Countless professionals play a role in making an event like this come to be and we would like to say thanks to all involved: to the Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur in Mainz for hosting us, to the organizational team who is bringing this event on its way, to the sponsors listed above, and of course to all of the enthusiastic participants who have signed up.

Here's to the start of a great event. We hope that we will live up to our achievements of previous years. We look forward to our joint venture and if you can’t make it this year ‘round, then do join us next year for the T3UD19 at the University of Vienna in Austria.

Come along, engage in conversation with colleagues about how TYPO3 serves specific purposes! It will also be an opportunity to find out more about the TYPO3 Higher Education Package (EDU): a brand new and convenient “all-included, carefree package” that provides a strong base for a fully featured, secure, modern, and always up-to-date higher education website.


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