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TYPO3 University Days 2019 Coming up!

Academics, administrators, staff, and anyone involved in higher education are cordially invited to the fourth annual TYPO3 University Days. The Technical University of Munich and the University of Vienna are organizing and hosting the event, and we are looking forward to welcoming you in Vienna, September 18 and 19, 2019

TYPO3 CMS perfectly addresses the needs of academic institutions on the web. Thanks to its flexibility, reliability, and structured approach to content management—as well as the suitability of the open-source approach to academia—TYPO3 plays an essential role in the broader academic community of the DACH region. Universities and similar organizations face unique challenges, among them, striking a balance between individualized solutions and standardized workflows within complex hierarchies. For example, administrative units, academic departments, specific courses, individual professors, or student clubs and organizations might all need very different websites with different features and priorities. However, the university that houses them all needs to maintain brand control and community standards. TYPO3 CMS is an ideal tool for managing this kind of complexity. The 2019 TYPO3 University Days is a gathering of peers and service providers that will focus on these and other challenges, present solutions, and highlight and share best practices. Together with our sponsors, we are offering two full days of talks and workshops. 

Outside of the more formal presentations, the TYPO3 University Days is also a community event for academics and others in and around academia. You’ll have the chance to build networks of knowledge and exchange ideas with colleagues who find themselves in similar situations to yours. 

At the event, you can elect a portion of the representatives to the TYPO3 Academic Committee—the link between the open-source community and the academic community—which got its start at the University Days.

Come meet with peers, colleagues, and professionals from the TYPO3 Project, web agencies, and academia. Together with our sponsors, we hope to welcome you at the University of Vienna, September 18-19, 2019.

TYPO3 University Days

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