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TYPO3 Developer Days 2017 (T3DD17) - Guest Article

This year’s TYPO3 Developer Days took place in Malmö, Sweden. It was the twelfth time round for the annual conference. Altogether 275 community members took part, 20% of them for the first time. We had the chance to interview Mathias Schreiber, CEO at TYPO3 GmbH, there.

The Developer Days are a TYPO3 community event where knowledge and expertise are learned and shared. It’s an opportunity for developers to code together with the core team and extension developers. There’s lots of input from all sides, and it’s a great time to renew old friendships and make new ones.

There were quite a few talks, with topics ranging from marketing, to development, to community.

Kasper Skårhøj’s keynote was eagerly awaited. It’s been awhile since TYPO3’s founder has put in an appearance at a community event, and him being there in person may well have created an explosion of excitement. But alas, Kasper wasn’t able to come in person, and a video conference via skype had to make do. In response to the question as to whether he’ll be returning to TYPO3, he gave a very clear answer to the community: TYPO3 was a very special period of his life which he wouldn’t want to do without - but it belongs to the past. He is now focused on new projects. One of them is his new company SKAARHOJ, a hardware business specialized in broadcasting. And of course his family is especially important to him, plus the growing number of rabbits in his garden.

Nils Adermann – co-founder and developer of Composer – held several inspiring talks. Composer is an application-level open source package manager for PHP projects. The talks covered basic knowledge about Composer, gave a glimpse of its future, and also shed light on various topics related to PHP. The so-called “PHP renaissance” was mentioned frequently – a revival that TYPO3 is also greatly benefiting from today.

A “must-have” at the DevDays is the Coding Night, and the name speaks for itself. A room full of core developers, extension developers and community members who all stepped up to the challenge of live coding, and programmed the whole night through – happy coding!!!

The conference was rounded off with a social event. Everything was well taken care of and the community members were able to socialize to their hearts’ content.

Finally, many thanks go to all the organizers, participants and sponsors whose commitment made this event possible.

Philipp Hamid is the Digital Mastermind at Supertrumpf GmbH.


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