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Translating TYPO3's backend interface using Crowdin

TYPO3 supports the translation of its backend in any given language and has support for more than forty languages, each in its own state of completion.

By offering support for so many languages, users can login and work with their TYPO3 installation in their own language.

To better support the process of localization and to make it easier to add new languages to TYPO3’s backend, the localization team partnered with Crowdin, a localization tool designed to help teams translate and maintain their applications translation files.

This year, 46,276 words have been translated and approved by the localization team.

"Using Crowdin means that translators can log in and contribute translations easily and do so at their own pace. I’d also like to thank Crowdin for allowing us to use their service free of charge."

– Peter Kraume, Localization Team Leader

Here's a quick tutorial

The localization team has produced a short video that details how easy it is to add new translations for TYPO3’s backend.

The video is broken down into three chapters:

  • Enabling different languages in the backend
  • Identifying text that needs to be translated and how to test changes locally
  • How to submit your changes to Crowdin for approval

Next steps

Later this year, the localization team will start work on a second video for extension authors detailing how they can add translations for their own extensions and sitepackages.

Get involved

The L10N Team is always looking for native speakers that can help with translation and proofreading. You can find out more about the team here.

Want to promote your feature in TYPO3?

This video was a collaboration project between the TYPO3 Localization team and the TYPO3 GmbH. If you would like to work with us to promote your feature or project – please get in touch.