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Information technology (IT) has become the backbone for commerce today. Due to its highly complex nature, new challenges have arisen. Governments and industries across the world are revamping their IT security laws in response to increased data breaches. These new regulations on data, cyber and information security are a game changer.

TYPO3 Open Source CMS and GDPR - Meet Georg Ringer

Software development processes always have to be conform with current legal regulations. In this interview from TYPO3 Developer Days 2018, GDPR Team Lead Georg Ringer shares insights into how TYPO3 CMS is ready to help you with GDPR compliance now and in the future.

GDPR - How to Continue Personalization After May 25th?

A large number of websites rely on personalization and profiling in order to drive conversions. With the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) becoming enforceable on May 25, this is about to change. Find out how to still attract new visitors to your site without undergoing a legal limbo.

GDPR - What You Need to Know

A broad variety of organizations is affected by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which become enforceable in the European Union (EU) on 25 May 2018. This article provides a helpful outline on what you need to be looking out for in the future.

IT Security Laws in Europe Get Serious

With cybercrime growing in severity and persistence, governments across the globe are prioritising new laws and regulations. In Germany and the European Union, three new laws have recently been passed. They aim at avoiding financial loss and maintaining a high standard of information technology (IT) security.

Germany Tightens IT Security

German government has passed a new IT security law, the so-called "IT-Sicherheitsgesetz". With the coming into force of the IT Security Act, website operators have to ensure that websites are safe at all times. If you’re running an outdated TYPO3 version considering opting for Extended Long Term Support.