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Sponsor T3CON 2019!

Thanks to Ronald from MaxServ for sharing!

Sponsor T3CON. Grow our community and your business. MaxServ is proud to be hosting T3CON—the biggest international community and business event in the TYPO3 CMS calendar this year. Join us and showcase your company at T3CON in The Hague, October 17-18, 2019. Your contribution as a sponsor will help ensure the ongoing success of our thriving open source technology community and can drive your business, too!

Download the sponsor brochure here!

Reaching new audiences with T3CON 2019

The theme of the 14th International TYPO3 Conference is growth. Our event plan will help the TYPO3 community grow to reach new audiences with new formats and content to draw new audiences to consider TYPO3. We’re including content and experiences to build stronger, clearer connections between TYPO3 and the people who rely on us—or could choose to in the future—to deliver their core web technology. It’s now time to spread the word about our great open source web content management solution TYPO3 CMS.

Two full days of expert talks about the latest in web technology, content management, and business leadership will inspire attendees to grow their knowledge and skills. And on the first day of the event, we’re holding a half-day summit for decision-makers in the government, education, and commercial sectors to grow our reach in their circles. With a one-day ticket, they will join us for the conference keynote, three breakout tracks for their respective sectors, a networking lunch, and spend the afternoon at the conference.

Which sponsor package is right for you?

Become a sponsor. Keep your company top-of-mind throughout the event. Top-level sponsorships are vital to the success and sustainability of the conference and get pride of place in all communications and signage. Past sponsors have told us they have been able to generate revenue from the opportunities and brand-recognition a T3CON sponsorship opened up for them. During the event at the Fokker Terminal, in presentations, and communications, your company will get pride of place in all communications and signage and gratitude for your contribution.

Smaller sponsorship packages still make a big difference. Even if the bigger sponsorship packages aren’t the best fit for your budget or needs, you have the chance to sponsor swag, bags, t-shirts, and more. Since people find these items useful and continue to use them after the event, it’ll be the gift that keeps on giving for your company. Do you have a creative idea for sponsorship? We’d love to hear about it and make it happen!

Last year, MaxServ sponsored the Community Lounge at T3CON Berlin. We found this sort of experience-sponsorship—creating a space where people meet and socialize, for example—can go a long way to making the conference better for everyone and show our commitment to our community engagement. The “Candy Bar” buffet sponsored by Mittwald was popular, too. The display was colorful and fun, it got people chatting, and the candy was a nice energy boost for those tired moments late in the conference afternoon. These positive experiences and associations last long after the event is over.

Contact us to talk about which sponsorship packages could be the right fit for your company. We’d love to put your creative ideas together into a package that fits your organization well while helping grow our community, our technology, and your business.

Download the sponsor brochure here!

Impressions of Fokker Terminal


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