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Speaking at the TYPO3 Conference Is a Great Opportunity!

Thanks to Ronald from MaxServ for sharing!

TYPO3 Conference 2019 will build on the success of previous events, making it bigger with more variety in activities for attendees. As a TYPO3 GmbH partner deeply invested in the success of TYPO3, what role can you play? Perhaps you’d like to sponsor or speak at the event. You can even lend a big hand by promoting this call for speakers.

What’s different this year?

This year we’re at a bigger venue, with more room to grow. And we’re growing by reaching outside of the TYPO3 community. The Fokker Terminal is an aircraft hangar providing a multi-functional setting in The Hague, The Netherlands.

The flexible space gives us the chance to offer a new mix of activities to attract new audiences to this major TYPO3 Conference. We’ll have the Awards Ceremony, social events, and more. There are some excellent sponsorship opportunities so your company can feature in these events.

We’re also running a summit to attract businesses and government/NGO/University users to connect with the TYPO3 community. We’ll have more information about this event soon!

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Why speak at this event?

Step up to the mic, submit your proposal for a presentation, workshop, or panel discussion. And we’re also asking the TYPO3 Community to share this call for speakers wider than before. Invite clients, industry partners, and great speakers you’ve seen before to come to meet the TYPO3 community.

This year we have a new approach by inviting speakers to consider our audience in their proposals. We also have four key themes to focus on during the event.

  • Growing Business. Share how you help your B2B and B2C clients with lead generation and online conversion in global markets.

  • Digital Delivery. Share insights from the process and professional practices you employ at your digital agency. From establishing your team to delivering innovative solutions; share the ins-and-outs of running a digital agency.

  • Creating Experiences. Share knowledge about brilliant user experiences and solving problems in creative ways and building products and services that customers love.

  • Building Solutions. Demonstrate how you build secure, stable, accessible, compliant, and rich digital experiences for global markets. Share the upcoming developments with TYPO3 v10 or tell us how you’re integrating third-party applications.

New partnerships and relationships are forged at the TYPO3 Conference. Joining forces among the members of the TYPO3 community gives it the strength to grow.  

Organizations and companies that speak at events like the TYPO3 Conference get a chance to build business partnerships by demonstrating their experience.

You could talk about establishing your team, building relationships with clients, sustaining relationships with industry partners, and delivering innovative solutions with TYPO3. Share the ins-and-outs of running a digital agency and demonstrate how you work and what you’ve learned from experience. This helps you gain leads and business opportunities.

If you’re providing a service or product that integrates with TYPO3, come demonstrate how your product's TYPO3 integration works. Offer education instead of a sales pitch to a likely audience, in person and recorded.

Check out the call for speakers here.

Please share this call for speakers

If you don’t want to submit a proposal, considering sharing this call for speakers to your favorite clients, industry partners, and speakers you’ve seen give great talks at other events.

Seen a great talk? Tell us! Or send the CFP to a speaker you’d love to see on our stage.

The TYPO3 Conference has grown year-after-year. We all love to see familiar faces and strengthen community bonds. But now is the time to grow the event and use this platform to reach beyond the community.

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