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SkillDisplay - Teaching in a Modern Way

Teaching in a modern way

Thanks to Katharina from SkillDisplay for sharing!

Times are changing and that means we should start using new ways of teaching too.  Are you working as a teacher or as a coach? Or do you give others advice in some other way? Then read on to find out how to make your tuition more innovative!

Topics covered in this post:

  • Teaching basics

  • Use SkillDisplay to make your students independent 

Teaching basics

Teaching a class full of students isn’t always that easy. But luckily there are some rules which should help you to make the best of your lessons:

1. Respect your students

If you don’t respect your students, why should they respect you? Respect is built by finding the balance of give and take. So treat your students well and don’t exploit your power as a teacher.

2. Be patient

Sometimes it’s hard to stay calm in class. There are two main reasons for that:

A student who still doesn’t understand the learning material after quite a long time: If you react irritated this may hurt the student’s feelings and he will never ask a question again because it’s too embarrassing for him. Of course you don’t want to spend your whole lesson explaining one thing over and over again, but you can tell the student to come to you after class. Maybe this could help him to understand it better.

Insubordinate students: In those situations you have to keep the control. Don’t let the students see that you bother too much about obstreperous comments during the lessons. Try to react cool and after a while they may stop disturbing your class.

In both cases you should as be as patient as possible.

3. Have fun

Students notice if you enjoy your work or not. And it makes their learning experience much better if you do.

These are some teaching rules you should always have in mind.

Use SkillDisplay to make your students independent

SkillDisplay delivers a new way to organise your class. It makes your students more independent, as they gain a precise guideline for getting all of the important skills through SkillDisplay.

With SkillDisplay you do not have to label your students with marks on tests. Instead you can make your students earn new skills and just judge if they have them or not. It’s much more motivating if you just have to learn an ability and don’t need to worry about if you are very good or just good. It doesn’t really matter, because if you can do it - you can do it! This is a philosophy which is very favored by students. SkillDisplay splits all the skills of one topic into small pieces.

Because of this,  there is really no need to categorize in marks. As a teacher you can just count how many skills someone has earned and through that you can evaluate which mark he should get on the end of the school year. This leads to more productive lessons and happier students.

But what exactly is SkillDisplay?

SkillDisplay is a platform which offers pre-built learning paths, so-called SkillPaths, for preparing for certifications. Every SkillPath consists of the relevant skills to get ready for the final exam. The skills are ordered to make learning easier. Every skill includes links to helpful learning resources suggested by specialists.

One of the coolest benefits of SkillDisplay is the ability to track which skills you have acquired. This may motivates the learner, and also gives him a great overview of his already earned abilities.

There are four SkillUp-Buttons on each skill to indicate if the user has got the necessary abilities:

  • Self-SkillUp
    This Button can be clicked by the user himself as soon as he is convinced that he has the relevant knowledge for the skill.

  • Education-SkillUp
    This SkillUp can be earned through a representative from an educational institute.

  • Employer-SkillUp
    An Employer-SkillUp can be given to an employee by his employer.

  • Professional-SkillUp
    After the user has passed the certification exam, he can get Professional-SkillUps on every skill of the according SkillPath.

For example if you are teaching your class informatics and you have to tell them about content management systems you have the opportunity to use the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor (TCCE) SkillPath. It includes all admissible abilities which a student has to know about a content management system. Your students will be motivated to get new SkillUps, which makes your lessons more exciting. While studying for the school exams they can give themselves Self-SkillUps. As a teacher you can acquire the ability to give Education-SkillUps. After students have passed the test, you can give them these SkillUps with your educational institutes logo for all the skills they demonstrated. To get the ability to use the Education-SkillUp Button write us an email to and we will contact you.

Try it out for yourself and visit our website: !


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