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SkillDisplay - Improve Your TYPO3 Camp!

Thanks to Katharina from SkillDisplay for sharing!

TYPO3 Camps are great! You can meet people who are able to help you acquire new skills, the food is tasty and the parties are awesome! One of the most remarkable things of these camps though are their sessions. During introductions, everyone has the opportunity to make a proposal for a session topic. After that, a session plan is put up and attendees can pick the ones, that are most interesting to them - a concept, which we think is brilliant. We had the honor to join the T3Camp Stuttgart 2017 and held sessions throughout  the StudentsDay and the subsequent days of the camp.

In this blog post, we want to introduce you to what we did in Stuttgart and how we could be of service at other TYPO3 Camps:

  • SkillDisplay at TYPO3 Camp Stuttgart

  • How we can support you to improve your TYPO3 Camp

  • Which TYPO3 learning paths already exist on SkillDisplay

SkillDisplay at TYPO3 Camp Stuttgart

At the TYPO3 Camp Stuttgart we got the chance to truly introduce our platform to the TYPO3 Community in person for the first time. In cooperation with the camp organization team we created an adapted SkillTree for the camp, which gave an overview about the TYPO3 skills the visitors could learn more  about in the sessions. We also integrated a SkillPath for this event so every learner could track which skills he or she had earned during the camp.

Before the camp officially kicked off on Saturday, the StudentsDay took place on Friday. It was established for curious students who wanted to learn what TYPO3 is all about. To teach them the TYPO3 basics, SKiLLDiSPLAY presented a step-by-step guide for beginners. After the StudentsDay, the students were able to receive a T3CS EDU SkillCertificate, which verified their newly earned skills on  an educational level.

Thanks to our sponsors b:dreizehn, and T3Camp Stuttgart for giving us this great opportunity!

How we can support you to improve your TYPO3 Camp

We, the SKiLLDiSPLAY team, want to support TYPO3 Camp initiators. In order to make your camp even better,  we offer the following services:

  • Sessions for TYPO3 newbies
    Got nobody on hand who wants to speak about TYPO3 basics, but still want your camp to be beginner friendly? You can book us to develop and provide these sessions for your camp. This gives TYPO3 newbies amongst your camp visitors the opportunity to catch up and provide some basics in order  to better follow more advanced sessions.

  • SkillPath for your camp
    If this is interesting to you, we can provide a branded SkillPath for (some of) the skills which can be acquired during the  TYPO3 Camp sessions. For participants it’s a good way to get an overview over which skills they could refine at your camp and it’s also a great souvenir to keep your camp in mind.

  • Camp certificates
    It’s also possible to give the people who finished the relevant SkillPath at your camp an official certificate as a reward. If you’re interested in any of our offers or if you’ve got any additional questions or proposals, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Which TYPO3 learning paths already exist on SkillDisplay

As we mentioned in a previous post, our platform  already features a SkillPath  for the TYPO3 CMS Certified Editor exam. The editor certificate includes all the  basic fundamentals you need to understand TYPO3 and content management systems in general. After you’ve mastered the SkillPath, you’ll be able to manage pages, written and multimedia content and also languages (if they’re available in the setup of your TYPO3 installation). This SkillPath is great for bloggers who want to publish their content in a quick and easy way.

There’s a more advanced certificate, called the TYPO3 CMS Certified Integrator, which is great for more coding-oriented people. We’re proud to announce that we’ll unlock this SkillPath on our platform soon. The path leads you through an integrator’s required skill set in an order recommended  by the TYPO3 Association, which should simplify your learning process. Once you’ve acquired this skillset, you’ll be able to create templates for a website. Also, you’ll be  able to install all the relevant extensions for a TYPO3 project and can manage the access rights for users in the backend.

These two paths should also get you ready and prepared to take the official TYPO3 certification exams, as they’ve been adapted from the official syllabus and in collaboration with our TYPO3 Industry Fellow, Pascal Dürsteler, who also is the head of the TYPO3 Certification Team . SkillPaths give you the ability to check if you’ve crossed all the t’s and all the i’s when it comes to all the relevant skills required to pass the exam. They also help you to check if you’ve learned everything you had to.

Find out if you’re more interested in the editor or the integrator certification and visit our SkillPaths to acquire the necessary skills. If you want to take both certification exams - no problem! There’s no limit to knowledge. Go ahead and show what you can do!


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