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Thanks to Florian from SkillDisplay for sharing!

Are you still tracking your employees competencies in Excel spreadsheets? Time to take a look at a TYPO3 based solution. SkillDisplay helps you identify employee strengths and training needs to achieve your business goals effectively. Start reskilling and upskilling your teams by outlining business needs and defining necessary skill sets. SkillDisplay will help to design personalized learning paths for the employees and reward their competencies with digital credentials.

What is Skill Management?

In short, skill management is about finding out what skills and competencies are existing and missing in your company - and defining processes to gather that information and effectively make use of it.

As such skill management, and the lack thereof, plays into a multitude of, often tedious, processes we all encounter sooner or later, like:

  • defining and evaluating job profiles for recruiting
  • on-the-job training for new colleagues, or up-skilling in general
  • training customers on your products or projects
  • defining project requirements
  • training for and obtaining certification
  • documenting (and teaching) internal company knowledge and processes

Good skill management means having structured processes and tools for these tasks, to cut short the time required for learning, documenting and evaluating.

Where to begin?

Skill management is one of those topics that easily gets pushed back in favor of other more imminent tasks. It doesn’t generate revenue on its own, the task of defining the necessary structures seems daunting. Can you afford NOT to have skill management in your company however? The last employee familiar with a special field of knowledge leaves the company. Job application processes become a time and money sink as you struggle to define a common language for techies and recruiters. Employee dissatisfaction grows without individual paths for personal development. These are only a few examples of problems caused by a lack of skill management in a company.  

So how can you start with a minimum amount of time and effort?

Over the next year we will provide you with recipes and best practices in a 5-part blog series, to help you to get swift results:

  1. How to create consistent customer trainings (April 2022)
  2. Setting up competency standards for you company (June 2022)
  3. Preserving company knowledge (Aug 2022)
  4. Creating efficient hiring processes (Oct 2022)
  5. Keeping your employees up-to-date and re-certified (Dec 2022)

Getting the tools

The TYPO3 Certifier Community Program, granting TYPO3 Association members of level silver and up free business accounts on SkillDisplay, has ended by 2022. You can still use your accounts, and even activate a new account for a free trial.

If you already have claimed your SkillDisplay account, you can use it for free until the end of the year 2022 with an Individuals license.

An Individuals Account allows full access to our Skill creation tools and a batch of free verifications to test the platform with a single user.

If you did not yet claim an account, you can grab a free trial month.

Get your company started on SkillDisplay



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