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Recap: TYPO3 AMD 2017 - 1 Great Community, 10 Great Events!

Thanks to Fabian from for sharing!

TYPO3 agencies and freelancers are the beating heart of our communities and of TYPO3 as a whole. They’re the ones who recommend, distribute and promote the software. No agencies, no software. Or, as Philippe’s caregiver says in the film The Intouchables: “No arms, no chocolate.”

Bringing those together who do business with TYPO3 CMS

TYPO3 is open source software, and it also has a dedicated marketing team just like any proprietary software vendor does. A few years ago, the TYPO3 Marketing Team recognized the need to create an event for those working as leaders and directors in the field of TYPO3 web development business.

The Agency Meetup Days (AMD) were first held in 2013. Since then, the event has rapidly evolved, yet the basic idea remains the same:

We want to continue building a strong platform that aims to interconnect businesses, agencies, freelancers and other TYPO3 professionals.

This event serves as a platform for our members:

  • to get in touch, network and discuss latest developments

  • to get an overview of the market situation (both the local market as well as the European one)

  • to gain a deeper insight into the specific challenges which agencies are faced by and respective needs with regards to the software

  • and to thus increase the outreach of TYPO3

As we all have tight schedules and lots to do, we aim at tailoring the AMD in a way that provide participants and organizers with all of the relevant key information in a short period of time.

AMD in 10 major cities throughout Europe

Our team toured across Europe and hosted altogether 10 AMD. Leaders of TYPO3 agencies, freelancers and project managers seized the opportunity to come together and it turned out to be a great tour. What I enjoyed most was that it was so inspiring to be together with so many people who truly care about both the product and the project!

Altogether it was quite intense and we also had a few heated discussions, which shows just how passionate we all are about TYPO3 and that we’re really are putting a lot of energy and effort into this.

Sadly we had to cancel our visit to the Italian AMD this year, due to the drop in numbers of participants. We really hope to make it there next year round and to join up with the Italian community then. We missed you guys!

You were there? Want to comment?

If you want to help us reach our potential by pointing out how we’re doing and where we could improve, or if you want to offer constructive criticism, then feel free to contact the TYPO3 Marketing Team.

We appreciate all comments we receive, positive or otherwise. Your feedback is valuable to us. Let us know what you think about our event(s).

 So far, quite a few people have given us pretty good feedback on this years’ AMD (thank you!), so we’ll definitely be organizing an AMD tour through Europe again in 2018. We hope you’ll help us to get even more agencies together under one roof so we can all continue to learn from one another.

We will be evaluating all of the info and input soon, so stay tuned for a follow-up here.

For me personally it was a pleasure to meet so many of you in person–reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, learning from you, getting your opinion and a lot of very valuable feedback. Thank you!

A note before leaving...

I hope we’ll keep the spirit up of growing together and not going against each other. Because that’s what makes us so strong as a community and that’s what makes the software we deliver so powerful.

Another note before leaving … it’s time to sprint!

The TYPO3 Marketing Sprint 2017 (T3MS17) is coming up. Come share your knowledge and experience of how TYPO3 delivers value at the 2017 Marketing Sprint, December 5-7 in Frankfurt, Germany.

TYPO3 CMS has some significant technological and business advantages in the CMS landscape. This sprint is an opportunity to contribute–for agencies, freelancers, marketers, integrators, developers, end users! And for leaders as well as team members.

Keep in touch.


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