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Now It’s Time for the Funding Round of TYPO3 GmbH

In the business plan of the TYPO3 GmbH we have laid out 3 pillars of funding for the TYPO3 GmbH. One is the TYPO3 Association, the second one is bootstrapping through initial revenue and the third is the one-time funding by our members.

We have the TYPO3 GmbH up and running for some months now and you can already see first results that are beneficial to our product and the community. I think we have never seen that much speed and strength in product development ever before. Furthermore, a lot of projects like the partner program, new marketing initiatives are currently going on. What I am most glad to see is, that the momentum is not only produced by the TYPO3 GmbH but by the community as a whole. I am more and more confident that we can leap into a great future. What seems so obvious now did not seem so likely, let’s say, 2 years back. Remember all of the hesitation and pessimism we all shared about TYPO3. Of course, it’s not entirely gone, but I feel like TYPO3 is on track to get back. Back for good.

Still, and that should be said very clearly, a lot still needs to be done. And the TYPO3 GmbH needs to take on its part. Mathias and his team really put in the work.

To fulfill the next steps in our plans with the TYPO3 GmbH, we now would like to call for the member-based-funding. When we conducted a non-binding-questionnaire last year on whether members would opt in to pay an additional voluntary one-time amount (reflecting the individual, current membership fee) more than 60% agreed.

In the hope that we can even exceed the percentage of volunteers we will hold a Q&A session on the topic of funding next week at the TYPO3 Conference in Munich.

Technically, the TYPO3 Association will raise the funds of its members which basically means if you contribute money you will get an invoice. This money is then used to increase the capital of the TYPO3 GmbH. We need to follow this procedure to avoid taxes.

For you as an individual or as a company this is classified as a conventional membership fee. You will be able to fully deduct it from your P&L.

So feel free to join us at the T3CON on this topic. You will be able to sign up for a certain amount already but we will certainly follow up with all association members and provide an easy way to send money.

If you have questions (or if you want to make a financial commitment already), please feel free to write me directly:


Thank you,

Alain Veuve


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