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March 2021: Developer Appreciation Day (DAD)

Kudos to Coders!

As March has given way to April it’s time to reflect on what the past month has brought us. Recapping the evaluation of our most recent contributions to the TYPO3 core, we find some remarkable numbers. You guys are truly amazing!

Numbers, Numbers, Numbers

Last month we had altogether:

  • 64 contributors
  • 36 patch authors
  • 155 reviews (7 features, 70 bugfixes, 67 tasks)
  • 24 documentation improvers
  • 8 contributors (40 issues, 40 merge requests)

Your contributions - Your TYPO3

We could not accomplish our goals without the support, involvement and engagement of all you dedicated developers who contribute towards the TYPO3 project. It’s important to us that you all know just how much we appreciate your work.

Your contributions are the foundation of the TYPO3 open source platform - thank you!

This month's authors

This month, a special thank you goes to Daniel Windloff, Björn Jacob, Martin Kutschker, Richard Haeser, Christian Kuhn, Andreas Fernandez, core-ci, Benni Mack, Volker Diels-Grabsch, Georg Ringer, Stefan Froemken, Oliver Bartsch, Torben Hansen, Daniel Siepmann, Mathias Brodala, Chris Müller, Oliver Klee, Anja Leichsenring, Julian Mair, Claus Due, waldhacker, Jörg Bösche, Helmut Hummel, Guido Schmechel, Franz Kugelmann, Riny van Tiggelen, Xavier Perseguers, Lina Wolf, Jochen, Dmitry Dulepov, Philipp Parzer, Denis Mir, Markus Klein, Benjamin Franzke, Christoph Lehmann, Jonas Eberle, Daniel Goerz, Susanne Moog, Sybille Peters, okmiim, Philipp Kitzberger, Ernesto Baschny, Michael Telgkamp, Frank Nägler, Wouter Wolters, Oliver Hader, Alexander Schnitzler, Daniel Gorges, Tina Westner, Henrik Elsner, Nikita Hovratov, Alexander Nitsche, Markus Gerdes, GAYA, Josef Glatz, Marco Bresch, Česlav Przywara, Daniel Sattler, Stephan Großberndt, Sebastian Michaelsen, Sascha Egerer, Oliver Wand, Jigal van Hemert and Simon Gilli for your ongoing dedicated work.

All of your contributions, reviews, testing and reports on issues are highly appreciated. They’re what make TYPO3 into such a powerful and stable software solution.

Documentation improvers

A very big "thank you" to all documentation contributors for their help to extend and improve the documentations of TYPO3: Lina Wolf, Richard Haeser, Sybille Peters, Moritz Ahl, Daniel, Mathias Brodala, Franz Holzinger, Meze, Naderio, Florian Rival, Remo Schneider, Christian Kuhn, Daniel Siepmann, Sebastian Michaelsen, Thorsten Weber, Torben Hansen, lina.wolf, Julian Hofmann, anubhasy, Oliver, Claus Due, Martin Bless, Alexander Grein and Achim Fritz improvers

Another thank you goes out to all for their help to maintain and extend the website of TYPO3: Oliver Bartsch, Stefan Busemann, Thomas Löffler, Benni Mack, Tomas Norre Mikkelsen, David Steeb, Matthias Stegmann, Andri Steiner

Contact Us

For many developers, programming is a labor of love and you’ll spend many hours programming away from work. But a day only has 24 hours. We highly appreciate all of the employers who support the TYPO3 open source project by giving you time off work. Without their generous support, TYPO3 wouldn’t be where it is today. Does your employer give you time off work to contribute towards TYPO3’s core? Contact us so we can get your company listed here!

See you next time

We’re grateful to have so many people involved in the our open source project–people who believe in bringing good ideas to life, and who are truly passionate about our powerhouse content management system TYPO3. Remember: all it takes is a single contribution to make a difference! Stay tuned for April’s recap that we’ll be publishing on somewhen next month.


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