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Manage TYPO3 Association Membership Easily in My TYPO3


It has been five months since the release of My TYPO3, the central hub for the TYPO3 ecosystem, combining communication, education, products, and services. The feedback from the TYPO3 community has been tremendous, proving the point that this kind of platform adds a crucial component to the TYPO3 universe. Whether you’d like to sign up for TYPO3 online certifications, buy things from the TYPO3 shop, manage your organizations and Professional Service Listing (PSL) entries, or get in touch with community peers via Slack, My TYPO3 is the place to go for all these activities.

A new feature

The platform has recently been improved, and a new feature has been added: It’s now possible to subscribe and handle your TYPO3 Association Membership via My TYPO3. Of course, in order to do so, you’ll first need a My TYPO3 account. If you don’t already have one, now is the best time to create one. For this, simply go to My TYPO3 and register.

Members of the TYPO3 Association support the development of TYPO3 CMS and take part in shaping the future of our favorite CMS. If you’re currently not familiar with all the different kinds of TYPO3 Association Membership types, you may want to take a peek at the following list.

Community Membership
The Community Membership is the most basic of all membership levels for individuals. With an annual fee of 7.92€, you’re able to fund the development of TYPO3 CMS, vote at the General Assembly, preview and discuss the Association’s budget, and get an entry in the Membership listing on Besides, the registration itself is free of charge.

Bronze Membership
The Bronze Membership is best-suited for freelancers and includes all the Community Membership benefits. Additionally, you’ll get discounts on certifications, conferences, and events, plus two certification discount vouchers. All of this is available for an annual fee of 125€ and a one-time registration fee of 100€.

Silver Membership
The Silver Membership is perfectly made for the requirements and needs of a small business or end-users. By opting for this level, you will receive all the Bronze Membership benefits for a price of 1,000€ per year. Instead of two, you’ll get five certification discount vouchers. The one-time registration fee is 500€.

Gold Membership
Mids-size companies that provide TYPO3 services or using TYPO3 regularly should consider the Gold Membership.  For an annual fee of 2,750€, you will receive all the Silver Membership benefits with a total of ten certification discount vouchers and two event vouchers on top of that. The one-time registration fee is also 500€.

Platinum Membership
This membership level is tailored for the needs of an enterprise doing little else than TYPO3 services, or who have made great savings by choosing CMS with no license costs. The Platinum Membership costs 12,500€ per year plus an additional one-time registration fee of 500€. For this sum, you will receive all the Gold Membership benefits with a total of twenty certification discount vouchers and five event vouchers on top of that. Exclusive Features of this membership level are a rotating banner with a link to your website on, a personal TYPO3 Association Board member contact, and a press release at announcing your membership.

How to create an organization

Once your My TYPO3 account is set up, please click on ‘Create Organization’ to subscribe easily to a TYPO3 Association Membership, cancel it, and even transfer it from a personal profile to your organization profile straight away. In addition, you’re also able to invite employees, manage all vital business information, book online certifications, list your organization in the PSL, and more—no matter whether you’re a freelancer or working for an organization.

Support our favorite CMS!

The newly built feature in My TYPO3 allows you to buy, cancel, and even transfer your TYPO3 Association Membership level from a personal profile to an organization profile straight away. This new asset strengthens the bond between the TYPO3 Association and its members in the long run. As you saw earlier in our list of different membership types, there are plenty of reasons to become a TYPO3 Association member. 

Being a member is both a statement of support for TYPO3 and your ticket to participate in and vote at the annual General Assembly and other decision-making processes as well as to shape the future of our favorite CMS.

Would you like to know more about and explore My TYPO3? Click the button below to learn more about the central hub of the TYPO3 universe.


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Can you document the workflow for some typical usecases? Example: organization already has membership, connect organization with membership to user account (user also has community membership for himself).

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