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Hello World. Welcome to the TYPO3 GmbH.


After the 2016 General Assembly of the TYPO3 Association, which formally kicked-off the TYPO3 GmbH (T3G), we first had to start legal around incorporation. As this is a rather special constellation with a Swiss association holding a German company, it took longer to get all the paperwork done. But eventually it got done. 

Next to the founding activities we started with work contract negotiations and searched for an office. Luckily, WMDB decided to move to another office and we were able to get their old office which needed some heavy renovation throughout May. Other than that, April and May held activities such as a Codesprint at MaxServ, TYPO3 Camps (Vienna & Stuttgart), MeetTYPO3 Hamburg and the User Experience Week. We slowly grew into a small company. 


We spent June and July working on the actual plan and the roadmap for the TYPO3 GmbH. The key question was how to put the strategic items from the businessplan onto a roadmap that makes sense in terms of dependencies as well as, well, feasibility. Here is what it looks like:

You might miss the TYPO3 Marketplace project. In fact, we realized that it will be a very big project that has stakes in various areas of the TYPO3 GmbH. What makes it more complicated is an integration to TYPO3 itself in order to make Customer Experience superb. All things considered, we therefor decided to give other things that generate revenue faster a higher priority. However, the TYPO3 Marketplace still is of highest importance to us and it will be one of the really scalable components of our business model. It's with this in mind, we did not want to risk it by doing such a big project on the "first miles of the bumpy startup road". We will pick up plans again on the TYPO3 Marketplace as soon as we see that we have enough (financial) capacity to get it done greatly. This will likely be in spring next year.

Furthermore we have made clear ways to fund some additional one-time money from the members. In order to avoid taxes to be taken from this, we need to change the by-laws of the TYPO3 Association. This is a task Stefan Busemann and Alain Veuve will close at the TYPO3 Conference in Munich. We will hold a talk regarding this funding round followed by an Ask-Me-Anything session. We think that something like the end of the year is quite a good time for agencies to decide to give some funding into TYPO3 GmbH. Additionally, this way agencies will be able to decide whether they would like to be billed in 2016 or 2017.

Other than that, we have seen some good revenue with existing ELTS products. We think we will report some financials by end of the year. An in-depth update on all financials will be given at the GA in 2017. Furthermore we have shaped the SLA products' start to carry them out more and more in October as "Budget-Season" is set to take off then, sort of. You can find them here.

Summer, the afterhours.

In August we eventually built which will cover all commercial aspects of TYPO3 and TYPO3 GmbH in the future. Take a look at the new case study section which currently holds 30 cases and we have another 170 waiting for content creation/polishing. 

September is sort of under "heavy fire" from Agency Meetup Days. Of course, attending the AMDs is very important and a lot of fun. However, the downside of traveling a lot is: you are not able to follow up on things that need office time.

New updates periodically. For real.

In the upcoming weeks we will publish updates on the general development and specific topics we are working on regularly. We think maintaining a 2-weeks cycle should be about right. The next update will cover the actual TYPO3 GmbH team and will include some footage of the TYPO3 Office as well. 

If you like to come to visit the office of the TYPO3 GmbH - feel free to do so. You might want to drop an E-Mail beforehand to make sure we're in the office and not traveling. 


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