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TYPO3 GmbH = digital innovation! Open source software like TYPO3 isn’t about saving money, it’s about gaining control over your digital world. What started as a lofty ideal has gained huge popularity in the field of IT and become an avalanche of expert knowledge. The time has come to professionalize the systems surrounding OSS.

TYPO3 ELTS Release Version 6.2.35

After 3 years of free support, TYPO3 LTS version 6.2 was officially marked as unsupported this spring. Since then, Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) can be booked to keep things safe. This week, TYPO3’s core team has released yet another ELTS security release: version 6.2.35.

Boost Website ROI with Service Level Agreements

Open source software has become a central part of standardized IT infrastructures in the last 15+ years. Professional services like technical support and Service Level Agreements needed to be established, to meet day-to-day business challenges.

An Update on TYPO3’s Partner Program

The Partner Program has now entered its official stage and is well on its way. Currently, new editing features are being developed, which will run through the procedure of beta testing before being integrated. We’re also taking things a step further and are tailoring a new program specifically for TYPO3 freelancers.

Updates on the TYPO3 Partner Program

Here is our update on the TYPO3 Partner Program and we have great news. Read about our first partners and the improvements of our partner program.

Why You Should Use an Official Partner

With every powerful system comes a more or less steep learning curve, and these don’t go together with “quick wins” - leaving behind mixed results in terms of quality.

TYPO3 GmbH Launches All New Partner Program

We spent the last months designing the new Partner Program for the TYPO3 ecosystem. Our goal was to build a framework that allows everyone who is building solutions with TYPO3 to shine in their respective fields, rather than just a simple buy-in with a membership.

What is TYPO3 Extended Long Term Support?

Support for a software does not end all of a sudden (well, to some people it does… much like new year’s eve being surprisingly early), normally there are fixed time frames for how long a particular piece of software is being supported.

Partner Program Pre-Launch Survey Results

When the TYPO3 GmbH was founded, one of the products planned was an official TYPO3 partner program, scheduled for the first half of 2017. To make good on that promise, we are currently working hard on the concepts and design of that program.

TYPO3 GmbH. Digital Innovation

TYPO3 CMS is backed both by its developer and service provider communities, as well as a commercial entity, TYPO3 GmbH, which backs the CMS with further special services.

TYPO3 GmbH provides solutions: