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Call for Sponsors: TYPO3 Initiative Week 2019 Coming up

The next level for TYPO3 development!

Thanks to Petra from cybercraft for sharing!

Calling all people who use, work with, have fun with, and maybe make some money with TYPO3. We would like to please you all by improving TYPO3 in a next-generation way of developing. In cooperation with the TYPO3 Strategy Group we now combine the format of the successful User eXperience Week (in the middle of nowhere, 7 days, 30 participants), with the Initiative Groups:

We are pleased to announce that the TYPO3 Initiative Week 2019 or T3INIT19 has been born! It will take place October 20-27, 2019 in the successfully tested, lovely, and remote location of Festenburg, Upper Harz, Germany, Europe.

Now that the highly promising Initiative Groups can work together in tandem, imagine the possibilities for TYPO3? - That's why we need your support to realize this! We are looking for sponsors who believe in that concept and support us, so that we can make TYPO3 even more professional together with you. The interest by the members of the Initiative Groups is high and more than half of all available places have already been filled.

Our sponsor packages help you by:

  • Creating Brand Awareness
  • Supporting the Community
  • Positioning your brand as a thought leader within the community
  • Helping to bring your ideas to life
  • And more...!

Now it is your turn! Be part of it! Make it happen!

Initiative Groups? What do you mean exactly?

In most open source projects, many individual programmers work on various problems usually scratching their own itch. While this is solving those problems on the one hand, on the other hand they are often reinventing the wheel, which is wasting a lot of time, power and money.

A promising path is now being taken to bundle this know-how of those individuals, to bring it together, to exchange ideas and to create something new in a team: The Initiative Groups were launched. People work hand in hand on the same topic, sit together (virtually or otherwise), iron out the details of their topic ideas, and choose a person who is responsible for reporting. An Initiative has goals, a scope, timing, and milestones instead of taking a random shot while working alone.

Working becomes even more strategic and professional. For example, initiatives are working to bring a dashboard, PWA (Progressive Web Apps) abilities, faster site building, structured content, routing, a new admin panel, data handler and persistence improvements, the form framework, and even more SEO capabilities to TYPO3.

This is starting off so well that it is now to be expanded further with your help!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

The organizers 
Petra Hasenau and the Strategy Group

More information:


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