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Boost Website ROI with Service Level Agreements

Boost website ROI with Service Level Agreements

By opting for open source software (OSS), you’ve chosen liberation, but it comes with responsibility. That used to mean you were on your own when it came to support and maintenance. Today, you can contract with professionals to share that responsibility with you. Once hard to come by, Service Level Agreements (aka SLAs) for open source software like TYPO3 CMS are now an official option for securing the value of the digital heart of your business. SLAs help keep your site safe and secure. And the longer it runs safe and secure, the better your ROI.

Take-off, vertical expansion, new challenges

Open source software (OSS) broke through and eventually took off like a rocket in the last 15+ years, revolutionizing the digital world on its way. OSS has become a central part of standardized IT infrastructures in business, academia, science, as well as being the backbone of the Internet itself.

A significant barrier to OSS adoption increasing and its being integrated into all aspects of business was its apparent lack of guarantees. The freedom to deliver more on the same budget was all well and good, but what about when there was a problem? For example, a website going down can cost a business a lot of money, not to mention the impact on its reputation. There was a need to professionalize the structures around open source software to meet business requirements and scale to new demands. Professional services like technical support and Service Level Agreements needed to be established, to meet day-to-day business challenges.

The software you use is a key factor to success for your digital strategies – and we will help to keep it running. Learn more about TYPO3 Service Level Agreements.

Relocating expenditure – investing in value

Buying a license for proprietary software is paying for permission to try it and see if it will work for you and you have to take what you’re given. Open source software like TYPO3 CMS is free to try. When you implement it, all of your investment goes into features and functionality, not into paying for permission to use it.

Furthermore, you can customise it and make the open source software deliver exactly what you need. You invest in your website because it delivers value. Keeping it running smoothly is another investment worth making. SLAs are vital in today’s business world. They’re a sound way to secure the value of your investments in your website.

TYPO3 CMS has its own SLAs

TYPO3 GmbH offers SLAs, answering the call for securing the value of your investments. We offer SLA-based support for issues affecting the TYPO3 CMS core. If you encounter a problem affecting your project, we’ll take care of it. We guarantee response times as quick as four hours, depending on your specific SLA package. When you have a critical problem we are there to help you get up and running again. We know that in today’s world every minute counts.

A TYPO3 GmbH Service Level Agreement will help ensure maximum uptime for your valuable website. We’ll focus on getting you the best out of your software so you can focus on the things that matter to you.


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