Author: Ingo Schmitt

Ingo Schmitt has been working as technical lead at Marketing Factory Consulting GmbH with TYPO3 professionally since 2003. Since then MFC has successfully finished over 700 projects with the CMS. As the Managing Director at Marketing Factory, Ingo holds extensive knowledge about not only TYPO3, but also everything digital, infrastructure and DevOps. Additionally, he has been an active member of the TYPO3 Business Control Committee for more than 12 years. In his free time, he is actively participating in sailing races and tries to learn how to play (ice-)hockey in winter.

TYPO3 and SAP Customer Data Cloud

Thanks to Ingo from Marketing Factory for sharing! Welcome to the world of integration. SAP Customer Data Cloud (CDC) and TYPO3 CMS are two giants of their respective realms, and today we will be discussing their integration.