Author: Daniel Homorodean

Daniel is the CEO of Arxia, a Romanian web agency specialized in TYPO3. He initiated the ‘TYPO3 East Europe (T3EE)’ event in 2013 and is involved in its organization each year. Combining his passion for traveling for TYPO3 and for helping people to achieve more was his long-standing dream, which was made possible through the TYPO3 Community Expansion initiative that Daniel leads, and that took him to present TYPO3 in Rwanda in 2018.

TYPO3 grows strong in Africa

At the same time, as the release for the TYPO3 10 LTS was prepared, another launch was about to happen. The Government of Rwanda has recently unveiled its new web portal, the online window through which the African country shares information with its citizens and with the world. The Gov.RW portal is powered by TYPO3 CMS.