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Ask What TYPO3 Can Do for You at DMEXCO 2019

Stop by the TYPO3 Project at DMEXCO in Hall 8.1 Booth D020 and learn how the world’s fastest CMS could help you address your business challenges today and in the future. Together with our expert agency partners, we’ll be taking your questions! This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn more, or to bring someone along who doesn’t yet know about TYPO3. We’re there to show how the TYPO3 Project delivers business value in the digital world.

TYPO3 is the best CMS for enterprise clients who need fast, reliable content management. Our partners will be on hand to show real-life case studies where TYPO3 has contributed to the marketing, sales, and growth success of many respected brands. Stop by and talk to us about everything from hosting, to project design and build, or TYPO3 as a service with our qualified, certified official partners.

Meet the expert TYPO3 partners who will be joining us at DMEXCO!

Scalable, International, Performant Solutions

For these large-scale clients, having a CMS that can grow to meet their needs is paramount. We’ll show you how TYPO3 can run one site or thousands of sites from a single installation base. You get cost savings by avoiding unnecessary duplication and benefit from consistent brand management, unified workflows, and more.

In today’s increasingly global world, an international mindset offers vast opportunities to businesses that can seize them. One of TYPO3’s flagship features is its built-in support for multilingual content that can connect with customers in established and emerging markets. When your brand needs to support teams and customers who communicate in many languages, whether right-to-left or left-to-right or in any given character set, TYPO3 has you covered. 

Not only is the world of marketing moving fast, but so are people’s everyday lives—and with them, their expectations of online content. They won’t wait long before skipping to another website or app, which is why TYPO3’s best-in-class performance is crucial for marketers.

Ready for the Future

DMEXCO is a great place to hear about possible scenarios for how the future will unfold, but ultimately, nobody has a crystal ball. You put a lot of effort into producing excellent content, but how will you need to deliver it tomorrow? TYPO3 stores all your assets securely and cleanly separated from the presentation layer, ready for reuse in the next new format, device, or marketing service. Whatever channels are all the rage at DMEXCO 2020 or even 2030, the chances are TYPO3 will be feeding them. What’s more, built-in versioning, rollback, and convenient content staging guard against mishaps, ensuring that the content is exactly as the editors left it.

Ready to Last and Increased ROI

With your content delivery future-proofed by TYPO3, you’ll want to ensure your websites deliver value as long as possible, too. A new LTS (long-term support) version of TYPO3 comes out every 18 months. Each LTS version is actively maintained for 18 months and receives security fixes and critical updates for an additional 18 months—three years of free support by the TYPO3 community.

You can double that support and maintenance period with an Extended Long Term Support agreement, adding three more years your site will be stable, secure, legally compliant, increasing your ROI and delivering value to your customers. 

And there’s more! Alongside our official partners—full-service digital agencies with long experience delivering value with TYPO3 to clients of every type and size—we can offer you the full range of services to help your business grow and thrive in the digital, multi-channel age. From analysis and design to implementation and integrations, support SLAs, independent project reviews, and official industry partnerships with Google, Microsoft, and others, TYPO3 is backed by a vibrant commercial ecosystem.

Come talk with us at DMEXCO!

For those familiar with TYPO3 CMS and those who haven’t gotten to know it yet, this massive, annual trade fair is a great chance to get to know more about our technology and the value it can deliver to you and your business. We’re especially excited to increase awareness of the TYPO3 brand and its capabilities to the international audience coming to Cologne for DMEXCO.

If you’re at DMEXCO, come and chat to us about TYPO3. We’ve got a stable of expert TYPO3 partners on hand who will gladly help you find a solution for your content management needs.

Don’t miss out on the chance to talk with an exceptional group of TYPO3 technologists and service providers at DMEXCO 2019. Stop by and visit us at Hall H8.1, Booth D020.

Book an appointment with us or stop by at Hall 8.1 Booth D020!


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