April 2018

Sustainable Websites Make Sustainable Businesses - jweiland.net

Jochen Weiland’s eponymous business jweiland.net is build to maintain lasting relationships with clients. He knows that the sites he builds have to grow and evolve mutually with the businesses themselves. Find out what he thinks about being an official TYPO3 GmbH partner.

Medium-Sized Businesses Rely on TYPO3

Compared to other competing content management systems, (CMS) TYPO3 is highly popular among medium-sized businesses - this is what our partners from dkd recently found out by examining over 3,500 websites from the Rhine-Main area. Learn more details in this guest blog post.

SkillDisplay - Part IV: Presentation of the Workshop Results

Now that the workshops for three of the certification types - TCCD, TCCE and TCCI - are completed, it’s time to reflect on them and their outcomes. This article is the last part of a blog series by SkillDisplay about improving education within the TYPO3 sector. Learn how to benefit from SkillPaths and SkillTrees - use SkillUp buttons to prove already acquired skills.

TYPO3: The Best Open Source Multisite CMS

In today's business world, the need for handling multisites is ever-growing. As an open source content management system (CMS), TYPO3 offers convenient solutions. Learn more about multisites and best practices in this blog post.

Cybercraft Media Manufactory - an agency supporting other agencies

Cybercraft Media Manufactory's business is built around supporting digital agencies to be successful with TYPO3 CMS. According to CEO Petra Hasenau, joining as a member of the TYPO3 GmbH Partner Program was an obvious choice. It helps Cybercraft raise awareness of their services, and it also ensures the sustainability of the ecosystem they work in. Find out more!

Beginners’ sessions on TYPO3 CMS

While many people are convinced of the advantages and the versatility the open source content management system (CMS) TYPO3 has to offer its users, its market share is not as high as it deserves to be. The fine people of arndtteunissen GmbH are willing to change this, boosting TYPO3’s awareness in their upcoming workshops. Learn more in this post.

March 2018: Developer Appreciation Day (DAD)

The new month is in the starting blocks, which means: It’s time for Developer Appreciation Day (DAD). We are happy and grateful for everyone who contributed to the TYPO3 core over the last month. Here’s to you, all you hard working TYPO3 developers! Find some truly impressive numbers and the contributor’s names in our current blog post.