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6 Reasons Why IT Decision Makers Turn to OSS Like TYPO3 CMS

Todays’ IT infrastructures and websites need flexible, reliable technology to deliver the digital experiences of tomorrow. Many important software components have steadily been replaced by open source packages. Open source software (OSS) holds numerous advantages for users and with the many enterprises and organizations using OSS like TYPO3 CMS for their websites today, it is increasingly obvious that cost is by no means the only compelling benefit it has to offer.

What makes TYPO3 CMS so appealing for enterprises?

First off, let me clarify one misconception. The idea that OSS comes free of cost and thus “lures the many” turns out to be inaccurate on closer inspection. While, yes, OSS software itself is free, open source web projects require implementation, maintenance and operational costs. But if money isn’t what makes people turn to open software solutions and purposely choose open source, what is it? OSS has a number of benefits for your business, here are six of them!

1. Freedom

When IT decision makers turn to open source software, they free themselves from the vendor-lock in that come with proprietary software. Along with lower costs upfront, open source software like TYPO3 CMS gives you access to the source code and is purposely designed with the idea that the program’s code is available. This provides liberty in website development as the software can be adapted to perfectly meet specific needs, functions can be integrated and bugs can be fixed.

2. Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)

Estimating ROI can be tricky, but the payoff of creating a highly personalized website is obvious as it focuses on an immediate Return on Investment (ROI). Using open source software to build a website means that you can have every feature integrated that you need for your site to deliver value and business based on your parameters.

Today, open source technologies are used by businesses both large and small because of the better value they offer to the users as compared to proprietary technologies.

3. Gaining control

With open source software users are in control. Business owners and individuals alike can use open source software to create whatever they want to create and have a greater control of their software stack. Additional features (TYPO3 extensions) can be added to the source code with relative ease and the software can be adapted to meet needs. The software can be used for as many domains as needed and have an innumerable number of users working with the system. Open source software isn’t about saving money, it’s about gaining control over your digital world!

4. Technical edge

Open source development principles and the products themselves have won over proprietary software. The open source approach has proven to be effective for innovation, and today many leading edge software technologies are driven by open source communities.

Open source code resonates with developers who appreciate having the ability to contribute their own ideas to the project. This way, the software gets closest to what users want and need from it because they can make it what they need it to be, not what a vendor thinks they need it to be.

Technical superiority makes open source software a clear choice for enterprise-level projects.

5. Superior security

Security is another of open source software’s strengths. There is no such thing as bug-free code. No software - be it open source or proprietary - is immune to security issues, but open source software has the potential to be safer than its closed source counterpart. Though it may seem paradox, source code being visible to others strengthens its security.

Peer review is the backbone of OSS. The large number of experts who are constantly using and relying on the software means that issues are surfaced and dealt with quickly. Having so many stakeholders able to access and contribute to the code results in swift resolution of security vulnerabilities.

6. Support options

The open source enterprise landscape is still growing and with this growth, new challenges are being faced. Support is one of them.

In general, open source software is free, and so is the support through the community surrounding each piece of software. TYPO3 CMS, for instance, has a vibrant community with regular events and conferences like the popular annual TYPO3 Developer Days, valuable TYPO3 documentation, active TYPO3 user groups, helpful TYPO3 tech videos on YouTube, and also team chat in TYPO3’s lively Slack channel.

For businesses that want extra assurance, there are now paid support options on most open source packages.

OSS and technical support

Adopting a strong, strategic model for support is essential for succeeding with the software you opt for. Taking a closer look at the ecosystem surrounding the software is a crucial step in making a decision you’ll be happy with.

TYPO3 CMS is a supported, business-oriented technology choice. The open source software is backed in a stable, three-legged way by:

  • TYPO3 Community, with passionate developers, trainers, strategists, editors, and sponsors working together.

  • TYPO3 Association, founded more than 10 years ago to provide funds for long-term development goals.

  • TYPO3 GmbH, the commercial entity that backs the CMS with further special services like SLAs, Extended Long Term Support for outdated TYPO3 versions, a Partner Program and Project Reviews.

Finding the right TYPO3 partner

TYPO3 GmbH isn’t in the business of building websites; that’s what the professional TYPO3 agencies do. Our business is enabling the TYPO3 community to deliver its best work to everyone. Whether you are launching your first TYPO3 website, updating an existing site or relaunching an older site, we can assist you in finding a trusted development partner for your TYPO3 web project that covers all of the aspects that are relevant to you.

Our commitment to quality means that our TYPO3 Partners are counted among the best in the industry, making our TYPO3 Partner Program a place where customers can find the quality and performance they need. Our TYPO3 Partners specialize in development, migration, maintenance and support services. They’re experienced contributors to the TYPO3 community who have completed high profile TYPO3 projects. To ensure high quality standards our partners employ certified and audited professionals.


When choosing open source software, you need to be aware of the technical support available. By selecting the right open source software for building your website, you obtain both the freedom and flexibility gained from adopting OSS, and the peace of mind that comes with commercial-grade enterprise support.

With TYPO3 CMS you have choices, ones that help you maximize your return. Get in touch with us if you want to know more.


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