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Knowledge is Power

Objective data is essential to today’s digital business. Data drives decisions around SEO, conversions, finances, and so much more. TYPO3 CMS end-users, agencies, and developers can turn to TYPO3 GmbH for an independent, factual assessment of their TYPO3 website. 

A TYPO3 Project Review:

  • gives you a data-driven, objective technical review of your website
  • can strengthen your processes around the software that powers your mission-critical web presence

Official, Objective Reviews from TYPO3 GmbH

TYPO3 GmbH is the official vendor of the TYPO3 open source CMS and a subsidiary of the non-profit TYPO3 Association, which acts in the best interests of the community in and around the TYPO3 Project.

Our mission is to provide products and services that enhance and increase the value of our CMS. We do not offer website-building services or any other services that compete with agencies in our community. 

We want you to have (or deliver) well-implemented TYPO3 instances that reliably and sustainably generate the value you need. Our reviews are standards-based, independent, factual, and follow on the same best-practices recommended by the TYPO3 Core Development Team.

Official Project Reviews are a powerful tool for you and a unique offering within the TYPO3 ecosystem. The ability to get precise, factual data about the state and future of your web platform sets TYPO3 apart from most other CMSs.


When do I need a Project Review?

Whether you rely on your web properties for your business, or you are in the business of building web applications for clients, they must deliver value every day.

As a site owner,

do you feel the need to ask any of the following questions?

  • How do I know that my web platform is in good shape?
  • My site feels slower or conversions are down, how can I isolate or eliminate technical issues?
  • When it comes to the code that powers my website, how do I know the quality of what I am getting?

As a developer or agency,

you work hard every day to deliver your best work to help your clients meet their targets and goals.

  • How do I prove to my client that I’ve delivered great work?
  • When it comes to the code behind my work, how I show the quality of what I am delivering?

Do you know how to answer these questions? While a button that does nothing when you click it is clearly defective, many issues are subtler, harder to discover, define, or understand, for example:

  • Is my website easy or hard to upgrade? And to maintain?
  • When is an upgrade or rebuild better than maintaining my current site? 
  • How do I balance risk vs. ROI across my web properties? 
  • How long will the software version I use be supported?
  • Can I add new features to my website later?

Project Review Packages

Basic Project Review

€ 4,000.00

  • One project review
  • High-level overview

Its main goals are to determine:

  • Upgradability to next major version
  • Use of current APIs
  • Assessment of future problems (up to three years in advance)
  • Use of TYPO3 Core Team best-practice recommendations

In-Depth Project Review

Price on Request

  • One project review
  • Comprehensive review

Its main goals are to determine:

  • Deployment strategy
  • Maintainability
  • Performance
  • Platform independence
  • Scalability
  • Testability capabilities
  • Upgradability of extensions

Extension Review

Price on Request

  • One version of an extension

Its main goals are to determine:

  • Maintainability
  • Performance
  • Platform independence
  • Security
  • Testability capabilities
  • Upgradability

What’s in a Project Review for Me?

Objective, factual, technical Project Reviews from TYPO3 GmbH offer benefits for the entire TYPO3 Project ecosystem. Better quality websites improve the reputation and credibility of TYPO3 and our whole community of clients, users, contributors, and service providers

Project Reviews, Basic and In-Depth

  • Agencies: Reviews of your website projects act as proof points of your technical proficiency for existing and potential clients.
  • Agencies: Gain a clear understanding of existing projects you are inheriting before you take them on.
  • Agencies and end-user clients: Reviews help define the scope, time, and cost of major upgrades. They help determine the right timing for an upgrade.
  • Agencies and end-user clients: Reviews help you and your agency determine the source of (and potential solutions for!) problems like degrading performance or reduced conversions on your TYPO3 website. 

End-user clients: Official Project Reviews give you objective information about the quality of your agency service provider’s work.

Extension Review

  • Agencies and end-user clients: Reviewing an existing extension can help you assess whether it’s  appropriate for your project, worth investing more resources in, or if  another option is a better choice.

Extension developers: An official Project Review can help you polish and perfect your latest extension. Successful extension reviews can also be a seal of quality, and proof of the caliber of your work for your clients, and a sales-helper with potential new ones.

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