Inside TYPO3 - June 2024

We have something for everyone in this month's episode of Inside TYPO3 which was recorded during June's community sprint.

Translating TYPO3's backend interface using Crowdin

TYPO3 supports the translation of its backend in any given language and has support for more than forty languages, each in its own state of completion. To better support the process of localization and to make it easier to add new languages to TYPO3’s backend, the localization team partnered with Crowdin, a localization tool designed to help teams translate and maintain their applications translation files.

Coders' Corner: May 2024

Each month, we take the opportunity to celebrate TYPO3 contributors in our Developer Appreciation Day post. Please take a moment to share gratitude for their continued passion, commitment, and time they give to making TYPO3 CMS awesome.

Inside TYPO3 – May 2024

In this month's episode we have updates from this year's General Assembly and we speak with former TYPO3 Community manager Ben Van ’t Ende.

TYPO3 9.5.48 and 10.4.45 ELTS Released

Still sticking to an older version of TYPO3? Today, 9.5.48, and 10.4.45 have been released. Staying on top of maintenance updates should be a top priority - Gain peace of mind by opting for one of TYPO3 GmbH’s Extended Support offers!