Author: Daniel Fau

Professionally, Daniel started using TYPO3 in 2006, which has allowed him to witness the growth in the development of the technology and the community that supports it. Over the years, his career has gone from being self employed, to managing a company to now; leading a company that is the culmination of both his professional development and his commitment to the TYPO3 community. He believes in pragmatism, efficiency and service with no strings attached. And he is always keen to discuss any of these topics at any TYPO3 event.

T3CON23 Recap—Quo Vadis, EU Law?

EU laws can foster or hinder open-source innovation in the name of personal digital sovereignty. Legal expert Neil Peretz gave a tour of current challenges at T3CON23.

Open Source and Digital Sovereignty

Explore the intersection of digital sovereignty and open source. This article provides insights into autonomy, data security, and TYPO3's role in shaping a digitally sovereign future.

Inspire the TYPO3 community: Submit your talk, panel, and workshop ideas for Developer Days 2023

Submit your talk, panel, or workshop ideas for the upcoming TYPO3 Developer Days 2023 in Karlsruhe and participate in this international event celebrating TYPO3's 25th anniversary. The event features workshops, talks, and panels, as well as the legendary Social Night. It's a fantastic opportunity for TYPO3 enthusiasts to network, learn new skills, and catch up on the latest news in the community.

How to Check up on Your TYPO3 Website

Quality assurance (QA) of your TYPO3 project includes checks on testing, security, deployment, monitoring, and website analytics. Read how to easily check your website before and after deployment in our newest blog post.

Interview - Our New Project Manager Markus Kamp

We'd like to introduce our newest reinforcement at TYPO3 GmbH: Markus Kamp joined the team as a Project Manager to help us push TYPO3 forward. We are happy to welcome him! Find out more about him in this interview.

How We Chose to Support Xdebug

As an open-source service company, TYPO3 GmbH is based on creating revenue to support our open source software project. Since Xdebug saves our developers actual working time each day, we’ve decided to invest in one of three available support packages. Read this article and learn why you should do so too.