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TYPO3 LTS: What?

Each major TYPO3 LTS release comes with a promise: three years of support, ensuring your digital platforms are always secure, up-to-date, and high-performing. TYPO3 CMS, renowned for its Long-Term Support (LTS), isn't just a content management system; it's your partner in digital success.

The LTS versions are significant because they provide a stable and reliable foundation for websites and applications, making it easier for organizations to plan and maintain their TYPO3-based projects over an extended period.

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Responsibility for TYPO3 LTS lies with the TYPO3 community and the TYPO3 Association, a dedicated non-profit organization overseeing the development and maintenance of TYPO3. The TYPO3 community is composed of developers, integrators, and users who contribute to the project in various ways, including coding, documentation, and support. 

The TYPO3 Association plays a central role in coordinating the development and support of TYPO3 LTS releases. It sets the roadmap for the CMS, organizes events, and provides resources for the community to work on TYPO3, such as the TYPO3 GmbH that in turn oversees ELTS services and the core development of TYPO3.

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Security and Stability, Today and Tomorrow

TYPO3 LTS is a commitment to your project’s continuous functionality and security. With three years of dedicated support, you're guaranteed protection against vulnerabilities and an always modern, compliant platform.

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Extend Your Advantage with ELTS

Not ready to upgrade after three years? No problem. Our Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) program seamlessly adds another three years of support, doubling your peace of mind.

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Your Success Story, Powered by TYPO3 LTS

TYPO3 LTS is the choice for enterprises, government bodies, and digital innovators worldwide. Why? Because it offers unparalleled security, a stable platform for growth, and the flexibility to adapt to your unique business needs. Join the ranks of satisfied users who have made TYPO3 their digital foundation.

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Comparing TYPO3 (E)LTS with Renowned Open Source CMS Platforms

What other options are available for Long Term Support and potential support extensions in open source content management systems? Look no further – here's a comprehensive overview to guide your platform choice.

CMSLTS DurationLTS Version Update FrequencyELTS AvailabilityNotes
TYPO33 years (roadmap)Every 18 monthsYes (paid)Option for paid Extended Support services of 3 years.
Contao2-3 years (source)

Every 2 years

N/AExtended security period of 1 year, no ELTS.
Drupal4 years (source)Every 2 years/even yearsN/AMajor versions are released every two years and may occur in June, August, or December.
Joomla2 years (source)Approximately every 2 yearsN/A2-year LTS cycle plus official security period, no ELTS.
WordPress3 months (“major version”)No fixed schedule for LTS versionsN/ARegular updates, with no traditional LTS or ELTS.

What’s In It For Me as an Agency?

Reasons to Rely on TYPO3 LTS

Are you seeking a robust and secure platform for your portfolio? We understand that finding a reliable solution is paramount, especially if past experiences have left you wanting more in terms of security and stability. That's where TYPO3 comes in – a platform designed to elevate your clients' projects with unparalleled efficiency and safety.

"We Offer Long-Term Project Reliability and Budget Management"

The TYPO3 lifecycle, with its predictable release cycle and extended support options, enables you to plan long-term projects with confidence. Knowing that each version is supported for a minimum of three years allows for better budget allocation and resource planning. You can assure your clients of sustained website functionality and security, which is crucial for maintaining a professional image and trust.

"We Provide Top-Tier Security and Stability for Our Clients"

The continuous provision of security patches and maintenance updates for at least three years post-release ensures that you can offer your clients a highly secure and stable platform. This not only minimizes the risk of security breaches but also enhances the overall performance and reliability of the websites they manage. You can leverage this as a key selling point in an era where cybersecurity is a top concern for businesses.

"We Ensure Economical Website Maintenance with Extended Support"

The option of Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) after the standard support period offers you a cost-effective way to maintain your clients' websites without the immediate need for major upgrades. This is especially beneficial those with limited budgets or when more time to plan for a significant update is required. ELTS ensures that their websites remain secure and compatible with the latest technologies, even beyond the standard support period.

"Our Commitment to Professional Excellence with TYPO3"

By choosing TYPO3, you demonstrate a commitment to high professional standards. TYPO3 CMS aligns with the needs of businesses requiring a robust, scalable, and secure platform. You can highlight this to clients as a testament to your dedication to delivering top-tier digital solutions, reinforcing their reputation as a reliable and forward-thinking partner.

"We Maximize Client ROI Through Strategic TYPO3 Usage"

The TYPO3 lifecycle, particularly the focus on Long-Term-Support (LTS) versions, aligns with the need for a favorable ROI. You can assure clients of not just the immediate benefits but also the long-term gains from investing in a platform that evolves to meet future digital trends and requirements. This strategic approach to using stable LTS versions in projects maximizes value for both you as the agency and your clients, underlining the economic efficiency of their choice in TYPO3.

Choose Longevity. Choose Security. Choose TYPO3.

Ready to take your digital presence or your client’s website project to the next level? Contact us today to learn more about the current TYPO3 LTS version and how it can transform your digital strategy.

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