Author: Jörg Ems

As a former chef for more than 20 years, Jörg has an eye for detail when it comes to customer satisfaction and success in his day to day work as the Customer Account Manager for TYPO3 GmbH. He strives to give the best support possible and to convey TYPO3's philosophy. Jörg joined the TYPO3 GmbH in April of 2016, being the first staff member of the newly founded company. While he is not a developer, he has a strong fascination for TYPO3 and especially its community. In his spare time he likes to play guitar and produce electronic music.

The Second Year Of ELTS 9.5 Starts Today

ELTS keeps you up-to-date and legally compliant. While there is no one-size-fits-all for maintaining your website and keeping it safe, when a release moves into the ELTS phase, TYPO3 guarantees maintenance for an additional three-year period.

TYPO3 ELTS 9.5 Will Soon Enter Its Second Year

If you need to maintain your TYPO3 9.5 installation(s) beyond September 30, 2022, you can benefit from ELTS 9.5 for up to two more years. The second year of ELTS 9.5 will start on October 1, 2022.

Extended ELTS for TYPO3 8.7—it’s happening

At the request of our ELTS customers, we evaluated a continuation of ELTS 8.7 during August and have now decided to extend ELTS 8.7 one more year. Security and compatibility updates will be available for another year–until March 31, 2024!

Don’t Use Unsupported Software

Operating supported software protects your infrastructure but more importantly, it is part of your responsibility to protect the data of your customers.

ELTS is now available for TYPO3 version 9.5!

Extended Long Term Support for TYPO3 version 9.5 officially started today. ELTS offers up to three more years of security, compliance, and compatibility and will be available until October 2024.

Cost Factors of a TYPO3 Website

Trying to figure out a budget for your next TYPO3 website? In this post we break down some of the cost considerations and how that might affect your next project. One thing is for sure: TYPO3 GmbH is the best place to start your search for a TYPO3 service provider.