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TYPO3 Version 8 LTS Has Been Released

We are proud to announce the release of the new Long Term Support version v8 LTS. More than 250 contributors made this giant leap forward possible for TYPO3 within the last 18 months. Here are some highlights we like the most.


TYPO3 now comes with a rebuilt forms engine to build flexible and reliable forms. Let your editors create their own forms or provide them with predefined system-wide forms. Create your own finishers to do a lot more magic than just "send the mail".

Image cropper for responsive images

With v7 LTS we introduced the new image cropper, you could use to bring your images to the right format. With TYPO3 v8 LTS we improved on that even more. Now you can define shapes for different resolutions as well as set a focus point for devices you weren't even thinking about.

New text editor

The Rich Text Editor (RTE) is past its prime and thus has been retired. Give a warm welcome to ckeditor (CKE) as the new and even better solution. So when it comes to formatting your content in a colorful way or even in Comic Sans, you can now do so using a clean and light interface. And if you're an integrator, you are now able to configure the editor with an easy to digest YAML file.

Cloud ready and more supported databases

We switched our database connection framework to use doctrine DBAL. With that change we rely on a solution widely used in the PHP world. Now even more people are able to contribute to TYPO3 because a lot of developers are already used to or familiarized themselves with the new syntax. This architectural change also made TYPO3 cloud ready. You can now run your TYPO3 with Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services (AWS) or planform.sh out of the box. So there is no reason to fear performance peaks anymore.

Powerful language handling

In the past, one of TYPO3s most valued features was the multi language support. We made that even better in v8 LTS. Editors can now translate single parts (like headlines) of a content element or inherit it from the default language. While that was possible in the past only by global configuration, your editor can now do that per element.

Enjoy our new masterpiece

There is a lot more to find out about. So if you want to get the full set of improvements, we would like to refer you to the official release notes and the "What's new" slides.
We wish you a lot of fun with TYPO3 v8 LTS and hope you are able to enjoy one of the many  release parties that will take place today and in the next few days.