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Get a guarantee on quality and reliability

Authors and Partners of verified extensions and integrations gave their Commitment to improve the technical quality by creating better documentation and reliability in service and maintenance. When starting a project, you can now trust verified extensions that they will be there and stay secure. Verified Extensions have the same release and maintenance times as the TYPO3 core.

Support and maintenance like the TYPO3 Core

Reliability has always been one of the strengths of TYPO3. With Verified Extensions and Integrations we offer developers and partners the possibility to guarantee the same reliability. The extensions get regularly maintained for 1.5 years, and for another 1.5 years priority bug-fixing. 

After the 3 years there is also the possibility to book extended support. This way your project remains secure with all extensions and integrations.

Planning guarantee even for new TYPO3 versions

The partners for Verified Extensions and Integrations give an early commitment to further development for new TYPO3 versions. In the future, new versions of TYPO3 will be supported several months before the new LTS release. At the same time all partners commit to making early commitments for further TYPO3 versions. Thus it is already assured that all Verified Extensions and Integrations will support the next TYPO3 version 12.

Support and Service around Verified Extensions and Integrations

Do you have new feature ideas or maybe even found a bug? For all Verified Extensions and Integrations, there is a defined contact point for support tickets. The authors commit themselves to react within days and to fix confirmed bugs. In addition, many authors also offer to develop features on behalf of customers if they are useful to the goal of the extension. Of course, the extensions are also open source. Through coding standards, our developers have the chance to understand and extend extensions and integrations faster. These changes can be given back to the extension author and, if useful, integrated into the Verified Extension.

Stay independent by using extensions

As your business grows, so will your needs. TYPO3’s flexible architecture allows you to add new functionality by downloading from the wide range of available TYPO3 extensions. Our extensions can be used completely independently of external systems. Security and data protection remain in your hands.

Latest Verified Extension

Headless TYPO3 extension

This extension provides way to output content from TYPO3 in JSON format.

Extension Type: Frontend
Extension Category: Headless
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11, v10


A GDPR tracking consent popup. It asks for approval to include tracking objects (cookies, images or any HTML) and includes the objects when consented.

Extension Type: Frontend
Extension Category: Consent Management
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11, v10


Add flexible in-page structures with a simple extension—the core way.

Extension Type: Backend
Extension Category: Content Structure
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11, v10

Become more flexible with integrations

Have strong preferences about your digital solutions? We get it. TYPO3 easily integrates your tools and services of choice including CRMs, marketing automation, translation providers, digital asset management, and more.


Hcaptcha is a privacy-friendly captcha solution for spam-protecting TYPO3 forms while protecting your users' privacy.

Integration Type: Frontend
Integration Category: Formhandling
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11


CELUM:connect allows the selection of images and other media objects directly from the CELUM ContentHub. You can directly connect to selected CELUM nodes through TYPO3 FAL, which then become immediately available in TYPO3. The connection to the TYPO3 system takes place through a download into the TYPO3 file system.

Integration Type: Backend
Integration Category: Media
License: Commercial
Support for: TYPO3 v11
Contact Person: David von Ah
Partner Company: brix IT Solutions GmbH

Varnish for TYPO3

Seamless integration of TYPO3 cached pages into Varnish. Blazing fast response times for loads of simultaneous visitors.

Integration Type: Frontend
Integration Category: Caching / Indexing
License: Free
Support for: TYPO3 v11, v10

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