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Work with our certified partners to get state-of-the-art, top-notch quality for your projects. All our partners are screened and reviewed regularly to validate their work.
Find a partner that fits your project’s size, industry and market.

Full-Service or Development Partners

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Full-Service Partners

Full-Service TYPO3 Partners will help you in all stages of your project. From the first steps of a concept to usability, design and development a full-service partner will be with you every step of the way. Our full-service partners employ certified integrators, editors and developers and are actively involved in the TYPO3 community.

Development Partners

Development partners provide you with the developers necessary for your project. If you already have a concept, designs or want to work with another agency providing these, choose a development partner for the development part of your projects. Our development partners employ certified TYPO3 developers and integrators.

From Solution to Enterprise - Partner Tiers

Our partners are categorized into different tiers, depending on criteria like the number of certified developers or their involvement in the TYPO3 community. 

For example:

Enterprise partners show the highest level of commitment to the project.

  • More than half of their employees working in the TYPO3 area are certified
  • They are at least Gold Members of the TYPO3 association
  • Their projects and extensions are reviewed by an independent authority on a regular basis.
  • They will offer you SLAs and reviews for your project as needed.
  • They engage in TYPO3 core development

Matching Your Project With the Right TYPO3 Partner

Good partners are crucial to success. Our certified, audited partner agencies and freelancers are doing remarkable, high-quality work every day and we can help you find the best match for your project.

We take the time to analyze the needs and requirements to gain a detailed understanding of your project.

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