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Full stack web developer working with TYPO3 since v3.8. Keeping up to date with the latest in TYPO3 development ever since. Besides a current focus on sophisticated backend development with extbase & fluid I also offer trainings for developers or editors.

I personally focus on high level TYPO3 backend development, upgrades and integration work with extbase & fluid / flux and other TYPO3 frameworks. Upgrading older “quirky” TYPO3 installations became one of my speciality especially in the last years.

Besides that I can also offer full service in TYPO3 projects together with my team of specialists including consultation, design, responsive frontend, SEO, SMO, technical support and also Magento shop development in frontend and backend.

I love to work as a freelancer for other agencies as much as working directly with a client. You can hire just me or also my whole team, whatever the current project requirements are. We can work agile or in a classic "waterfall" way with a fixed price quotation if the requirements are clearly enough defined for that.

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08.2019 - 04.2020

Die Web-Site überzeugt vor allem durch sehr intensive Inhaltsarbeit, weswegen sie auch eine indexierte Suchfunktion hat. Jede Behandlung und die Krankheitsbilder werden sowohl im orthopädischen wie auch im orthopädischen Bereich wird im Detail bescrieben, es gibt viele nützliche Informationen vorab, dazu einen Blog und einen Pressebereich mit vielen ausführlichen Artikel. Ebenso kann man direkt online einen Termin vereinbaren, auf den Notfall Service zugreifen und Bewertungen abgeben.


09.2019 - 03.2020

SCHILL ist französischer Werkzeughersteller für hochqualitative Hand- und Präzisionswerkzeuge in Zusammenarbeit mit der deutschen Schwesterfirma PROJAHN. Wir haben eine neue moderne Responsive TYPO3 Web-Site mit Newsbereich und Produkt-/Katalog System, uvm. entwickelt. Der gesamte Produktkatalog wird über Datenimporte aus dem hausinternen PIM System gepflegt und in TYPO3 importiert, so dass keine doppelte Inhaltspflege erfolgen muss. Aufgrund der großen Menge an Produktkategorien und Produkten mussten besondere Lösungen gefunden werden, die tief verschachtelten Produktkategorien mobil wie auch auf Desktop benutzbar zu machen. Zum Ende 2020 sind weitere Ausbaustufen der b2b Web-Site geplant.


01.2019 - 06.2019

Rechtzeitig zur kommenden Tee Hochsaison 2019 / 2020 geht der Tee Großhändler Wollenhaupt mit einer neuen Responsive TYPO3 9 LTS Web-Site online inklusive eines individuell entwickelten b2b Web-Shops für Geschäftskunden. Der Web-Shop ist voll integriert und angebunden an das Microsoft Navision ERP System sowie an das Perfion PIM System bei Wollenhaupt, so dass im TYPO3 CMS keine unnötig doppelte Datenpflege für den Shop erfolgen muss. Dazu ist es aber im CMS einfach, bspw. Blog Artikel und Rezepte mit den Produktdaten aus dem PIM System anzureichern und umgekehrt. Auch die Logins für die Geschäftskunden sind über Microsoft Navision gesteuert. Diese technologisch durchaus anspruchsvolle Anbindung von Microsoft Technologien an das TYPO3 CMS hat gerade mit den technischen Neuerungen der TYPO3 9 LTS Version hervorragend funktioniert. Dazu helfen die neuen SEO Optimierungsmöglichkeiten von TYPO3 9 LTS auch, der neuen Web-Site und dem Web-Shop gute Rankings in der Suchmaschine zu bekommen.


03.2018 - 12.2018

The International Graduate Center is part of the University of Applied Sciences Bremen and offers a variety of Master's and MBA programs, which are primarily aimed at working people worldwide who want to continue their education full-time or part-time. The multilingual web site introduces the degree programs, has a blog and also offers the entire course application management via complex powermail extensionsi. You apply online for a degree program, choose specializations, can later hand in the necessary documentary proof, receive an application number and registration documents automatically and much more. In addition, the applicant data is transferred via REST interfaces to the in-house CRM system in order to avoid any kind of duplicate data maintenance. A Google Site Search searches the contents of the very large web site in the respective language and many individual content elements structure the sometimes complex pages in a readable form.


09.2017 - 02.2018

Online Magazine of the German “Deutscher Mieterbund” (nation wide tenant association in Germany) serving the hundred thousands of readers that get access via the REST APIs from the “Deutscher Mieterbund” integrated into TYPO3 via an authentication service.


01.2017 - 09.2017

PROJAHN is a leading manufacturer of precision and hand tools located in Frankfurt, Germany. It's new web-site features besides a google maps based dealer finder application a massive product catalogue which gets imported into TYPO3 via BMECat XML structure out of an internal PIM system at PROJAHN.


02.2016 - 09.2016

SinoJobs is the leading job portal with a focus on the European and Chinese market. The TYPO3 system behind it features sophisticated workflows for job seekers to create CVs and look for jobs or subscribe to job newsletters. Companies on the other side can post job ads or search for job seekers in CVs and profiles. The system has many automated processes for pushing job information to other search engines, sending out notifications and newsletters around the jobs.




01.2014 - 01.2015

This is no TYPO3 CMS powered reference unfortunately, but a huge Magento online shop for the German soccer magazine "11FREUNDE". The shop holds all of the magazines merchandise products as well as magazines, books and also high-quality soccer photography prints made to order in various sizes, materials and frames, which make a nice present for every soccer lover.


This a closed b2b system where you have to login as one of the associated customers of the "BAEKO Süd" corporation, which is a company that delivers all necessary ingredients and materials to almost every bakery in southern Germany. In this portal the baker can get updates on latest products he can order from BAEKO Süd. Also, he can make use of an advertising media configurator, where it is easily possible to create and customise advertising material with in the bakeries salesroom in high resolution PDFs, that are even printable in professional print shops.




Hamburg, DE
Educational Milestones

01.2019 - 01.2019
FH Wedel - University of Applied Sciences
Diploma in Media Information Science

TYPO3 Association Silver Member

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