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Stay secure until April 2023 and reduce your personal risk.

TYPO3 v8.7 is still widely used in many enterprise environments. To respect the complexity of updating integrated third-party solutions and many older extensions, we decided to prolong ELTS for an additional year. Decision Makers and IT Managers have to produce a secure and updated system for their clients and stakeholders. We are providing the much-needed time and extending their update window to the latest TYPO3 major version.

About TYPO3 v8

When TYPO3 v8.7 LTS was released in April 2017, it introduced some major improvements to the beloved CMS. 

  • Performance improvements
  • Support for PHP v7.0
  • Responsive image support with responsive image cropping 
  • Introduced the Form framework, a web-based form building tool 
  • Content Editing UX improvements such as the new rich text editor, CKEditor 
  • Doctrine DBAL so TYPO3 could support more databases, including MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MSSQL
  • Fluid Standalone
  • More translation options and fallbacks for content elements
  • Install Tool with upgrade analysis and documentation

More than 250 contributors were involved in bringing about these major changes. Contributor Jan Helke called TYPO3 v8.7 a “giant leap forward.” Now, TYPO3 could be quickly installed using Composer in less than 5 minutes.

TYPO3 v8.7 PHP Requirements: Minimum PHP 7.0.

How long TYPO3 v8.7 ELTS support lasts

The TYPO3 core team announced “Goodbye v8 - you've served us well!” on March 31, 2020. Soon after, TYPO3 v8.7 ELTS was launched in April 2020, promising another three years of support.

Stay secure until April 2023

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