TYPO3 Higher Education Package: Costs

Your investments are kept to a minimum. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package reduces time spent on conceptual and development work and lowers the overall financial footprint of the entire project.

No Fees for CMS or Licenses

TYPO3 is open source. There are no additional costs for the content management system (CMS) itself, the platform or the extensions to the TYPO3 basic system.

Low Base Costs for Installation and Operation

Content blueprint, conceptual design and the technical implementation of a higher education website usually require a minimum of 140 project days. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package includes implementation services, helping you to roll out your solutions effectively and save up to 40 project days.

Low Total Cost of Ownership

A higher education website based on the TYPO3 Higher Education Package requires less technical maintenance as it corresponds to the best-practice coding standards of TYPO3 and therefore always remains updateable. Maintenance costs are correspondingly low. Thanks to the intuitive usability, costs for training sessions and maintenance services are relatively low too.

Significantly Reduced Development Time

On delivery, the TYPO3 Higher Education Package saves at least four weeks time of work. Time that does not need to be invested in a basic concept and implementation of basic functions. Based on the package, modifying can begin without delay. The system is immediately ready for use, and with minor adaptations it can even go live within a few weeks.

Continuous Development is Included

So-called technical debt is avoided by constantly refining and expanding the functionality. Moreover, new extensions are delivered regularly without extra expenses. All of the new extensions are available by default upon delivery to all users of the TYPO3 Higher Education Package. By providing these free functional extensions, follow-up costs are substantially reduced in the long run.

Extensive Services are Included

The service agreement increases the lifespan of your web presence. Technical maintenance is guaranteed for at least five years. Time-consuming and expensive support is not an issue further down the road as the package is delivered with the very detailed documentation for editors, administrators and developers, as well as the comprehensive living style guide for the individual applications. Both are unique for a CMS!


Due to the continuous development and regular updates of both the TYPO3 core and its extensions the necessity for otherwise common and often very time-consuming security measures is reduced to a minimum. Security gaps are promptly closed and the system and its extensions are constantly improved.

Partner scheme

Higher education institutions, service providers like TYPO3 agencies and other software suppliers can become development partners. They benefit from the direct co-partnership, have access to the most current code and gain tangible competitive advantages due to knowledge of the product. Investments are reduced due to collaborating on the product, incorporating extensions and providing services.

TYPO3 Higher Education Package Users

Higher education institutions can become users:

  • one-time payment to obtain the most recent version of the TYPO3 Higher Education Package € 7,200.00 excluding VAT

  • monthly fee € 800.00 excluding VAT (charged annually in advance)

The monthly fee includes:

  • guarantee of further development

  • individual support for up to 4 hours per month

  • TYPO3 Long Term Support (LTS) for 5 years

  • extension LTS for 5 years

  • participation in decision-making (voting) for prioritizing features

  • automatic access to the latest approved version

  • automatically gain bronze status of the the “TYPO3 Academic Membership”

TYPO3 Higher Education Package Partners

Agencies and development partners can support the project.
They receive:

  • presentation of the agency on the TYPO3.com sub page “TYPO3 Higher Education Package”

  • label “TYPO3 Higher Education Package Partner”

  • access to all current information and versions (via repository)

  • incorporation into the lead distribution process on requests by higher education institutions


  • TYPO3 Agency Business Partner (or higher)

  • TYPO3 Association Member (silver or higher)


  • Admission fee € 7,200.00 excluding VAT

  • Annual fee € 9,600.00 excluding VAT

  • The annual fee may be proportionately reduced. Under certain circumstances, developers can receive a refund of the fee paid based on the rate specified by the TYPO3 Association (currently €440.00 per day):
    - a maximum of 10 project days at TYPO3 Higher Education Package sprints per year are obligatory
    - apart from this, the same rules apply as for the developer qualifications (see “feature offering”).

  • Obligation to adopt first level support with your customers from the field of higher education.

Feature Offering

The annual fee can be reduced by providing a binding development service. The partner must meet the following conditions and the developer made available must provide evidence for:

  • TYPO3 certification as an integrator or a developer

  • at least 5 years of experience in working with TYPO3

  • commitment to supplying of specialists that is agreed upon in advance

  • compliance with the defined coding standards

  • compliance with the Definition of Done, including tests

The course of events is as follows: The partner (this can also be an agency) suggests a feature and defines the effort required for development. Together with the Product Owner (PO), the Higher Education Package Core Team decides on adoption and then awards a tender.


Your website is easily and quickly installed. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package forms an “outer shell” around the “core” of TYPO3. This way, you benefit from all of TYPO3’s functionalities and receive preconfigured features designed to meet the requirements of universities and colleges.


Launching your projects promptly and in high quality. The TYPO3 Higher Education Package allows you to easily place, edit and distribute any kind of content, of any size.


The TYPO3 Higher Education Package offers a full range of options for customization, be it designing the layout, expanding the system or further developing the website.

Curious? Check out the demo website!