Google Ads has a vast reach in online marketing. Those of us who don’t have dedicated digital marketers and budgets have felt put off by its formidable complexity in the past. The TYPO3 Project’s official Google Ads integration changes all that.

Now you can create, manage, and measure your Ads right where you need them: in your TYPO3 CMS Backend and it won’t break the bank. It’s one more reason it’s the CMS of choice for small businesses, digital marketers, and anyone doing business online.

3 easy steps to promote your site

Select Page

Navigate to the page you want to promote in your TYPO3 Backend.

Define Budget

Set the daily budget for your ad and fine-tune settings if you want to.


Submit your Ad to Google and monitor your campaign.

Creating Google Ads have never been more easy.

All Ads created through Google Ads for TYPO3 can be managed through the TYPO3 Backend, as well as in the Google Ads management interface. You keep the full control over all your campaigns.

Additional benefits

Google Ads for TYPO3 removes the complexity of advertising on Google. It helps you to bring your site closer to your audience through intelligent keyword suggestions and prefilled forms, without any additional costs.

Reduced complexity

Placing an Google Ad can be complicated. Now you can just navigate to the page you want to boost in your TYPO3 Backend and click 'Create Ad'.

Ad Previews

Previews for mobile and desktop will help you to optimize your Ad so you can place it with confidence.

Keyword Suggestions

Based on your page and existing keywords we will generate optimized keywords that you can use target your audience.

Location Targeting

Reduce spreading loss, limit the delivery of your ad to the target areas where your audience is located.

Sitelinks and Phone Numbers

Enhance your Ad with additional links to your site. And add a telephone number so your audience can contact you with ease.

Easy Scheduling

Define the duration of your campaign when creating the Ad. We handle the configuration to start and stop the Ad as you defined.

Performance Reporting

See on first glance how your ad is performing in an easy to understand report, that helps you to optimize your ad spend.

No additional costs

The integration is free to use. You can define the budget for your campaign in the TYPO3 backend and only pay Google for its services.

Get your Ad on Google today

The Google Ads for TYPO3 integration is now available for the TYPO3 versions 8.7 LTS and 9.5 LTS and can be downloaded from the TYPO3 Extension Repository and Packagist

TYPO3 Extension Repository

Download the integration directly from your TYPO3 backend, or get the package from the Official TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER).


If you have installed TYPO3 with composer it couldn't be easier. Just require the package t3g/google-ads and you are ready to start.

Help and Feedback

If you have any questions or feedback about the integration, our team is at your service.

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