Michael Straschek – Freelance web developer

As freelance TYPO3 developer, I design and develop sophisticated custom web applications for agencies and end users.

Michael Straschek – Freelance web developer

Cologne, Germany

Excerpt from my range of services:


  • Installation, Maintenance & Integration Low-maintenance integration & configuration of common extensions - familiar with Composer, environment-dependent TYPO3 configurations and Xdebug
  • Extension programming TYPO3 development / extension development of any complexity with Extbase & Fluid
  • Apache Solr for TYPO3 Experienced in individual development with complex faceting and expansion of standard functionalities


  • Stable & consistent frontends Implementation with good eye for design / UX based on mood boards or finished screen designs with CSS3, HTML5, jQuery, Grunt.js, yarn
  • Development of responsive frontends in prototypes Safe handling of Media Queries
  • Accessibility Implementation according to common standards and individual special requirements, experience in audited projects


  • Living style guides On-the-fly development of dynamic style guides based on Atomic Design Patterns as documentation and integration guide for developers
  • Interactive map solutions Knowledge in the generation of individually designed OpenStreetMap map tiles with Tilemill / Mapnik, browser implementation with Leaflet.js / SVG maps with Mapbox GL


  • Collaboration with teams Working in interdisciplinary teams on equal terms, flexible handling of requirements, joint development of solutions within realistic possibilities Working without gaps with Git, several years of experience in the daily work with peer code reviews and pull requests
  • Readable & low maintenance code Disciplined use of descriptive method and variable names including clear parameters and return values
  • Getting things done (the right way) Targeted pragmatic work with an eye for project-specific and infrastructural conditions beyond the horizon


Having set up my first private website back in 1997 (which was followed by many years of sporadic hobby development), I have been working from 2008 with TYPO3 in communication and technology agencies, where I participated in TYPO3 projects for small-/medium-/large-sized companies, corporations, associations and universities.

Since 2017 I work as freelance web developer.

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Lukasstraße 16b
50823 Cologne