Extended Support

Giving you the time you need to stay up to date and secure.

Extended Security

Up to 5 years

Incl. Setup Support

Why extend Long-Term-Support?

As with many other OpenSource projects we need to drop official, free support at some point. But as we know there are times when the amount of time to migrate from one version to another is simply too short.

In these rare cases you now have the option to subscribe to a support plan. These plans help both the TYPO3 project and you. You fund the CMS team so they can spend the additional time on supporting TYPO3 CMS version 6.2 as well as the future development of TYPO3 CMS as a whole.

We cannot stress enough that these plans are by no means a wildcard to postpone a necessary migration further than absolutely necessary and they should be seen as a last resort.

Extending Long-Term-Support even longer

Certain sectors of the industry demand longer lifetimes of websites or applications than 3 years. This is where you can make use of our ELTS plan that allows you to extend the lifetime of your project for up to two additional years. This gives you plenty of time to plan your upgrades to the newest TYPO3 version.

With our ELTS plan you can cover the following TYPO3 version at the moment:

  • TYPO3 v6.2 until March 31st, 2019

If popular demand requests periods longer than stated above, we might extend the support time even longer.

Stay compatible with your IT infrastructure

Our ELTS plans cover browser compatibility up to the newest versions - even if the regular support of a TYPO3 version would not cover these browsers or browser versions anymore.

So you won't have to worry about locking your editors out when IT starts rolling out those shiny new computers to your team.

But apart from editor happiness we also backport all changes to code compliant to TYPO3s platform promise, meaning you won't have to plan for updates of your application-service-layer like PHP or MySQL. TYPO3 ELTS versions will run smoothly on PHP and MySQL versions for which they were originally planned.

Be as secure as current versions are

Protecting your company's and users' data is one of the most important and time consuming tasks in IT. Our ELTS plans backport all security patches of current TYPO3 versions into the ELTS versions - thus offering the same level of security TYPO3 is known for with its current versions.

All security patches are communicated to your technical contact so you can plan your rollouts in advance, thus reducing the workload of your IT-team.

Single Plan

€ 2.000
/ extended year

(All rates are excluding statutory value added tax)

  • 1 instance

Pro Plan

€ 8.000
/ extended year

(All rates are excluding statutory value added tax)

  • up to 5 instances
  • save 20%

Agency Plan

€ 15.000
/ extended year

(All rates are excluding statutory value added tax)

  • unlimited instances
  • set-up support

A number of members of the TYPO3 Association approached us (the CMS Team) and asked for the possibility to extend the support for TYPO3 CMS 6.2 because they could not manage to get their migrations done in time.

Although some think of this as being an excuse for being lazy there are several valid reasons for this:

  • If you have 500 microsites each in their own TYPO3 instance and calculate 1 day of work per migration it simply cannot be done. It's math, not lazyness.
  • If you run an international business, you may need a timeframe a lot longer than most might imagine. You need to schedule meetings, fly in the respective managers from all over the world, request budgets, rethink your applications etc. These things take time.

An instance is a set of up to 3+n TYPO3 installs (Live, Live Failover, Staging, Development per Developer) as long as the scope of the installation remains the same.

Here are some examples:

  • You have a team of 12 developers all working on a single project that runs within a single TYPO3 installation = 1 instance.
  • You have a project with a development server, a staging server and 200 frontend servers all serving the same content = 1 instance.
  • You have a single TYPO3 installation running 12 microsites for 12 clients = 1 instance.
  • You have 12 microsites for one client and every microsite is running its own TYPO3 installation = 12 instances.
  • You have 5 clients and run 3 different websites per client with their own TYPO3 installations = 15 instances.

Did you know that TYPO3 can run more than one site from a single installation?
If you are unsure about your setup, contact us and we will help you out with the definition.


The Extended Long Term Support (ELTS) provided by the TYPO3 GmbH has total runtime of two years - April 1st, 2017 to March 31st, 2019.
This total runtime is split into two fixed terms that are bookable separately:

  • April 1st, 2017 to March 31st, 2018
  • April 1st, 2018 to March 31st, 2019

Supporting TYPO3 CMS 6.2 seems trivial at first but there are a lot of things to consider:

  • Supporting PHP 5.3 is complicated because you need to set up your own testing environment
  • Supporting PrototypeJS and Scriptacolous means we need to manually maintain an outdated JS Library and adopt it to newer browsers. With CMS7 we removed this old library to speed up the development
  • Not all problems reported with 7+ apply to 6.2 and vice versa. So every report needs to be tripple-checked

Taking all these factors into account, we needed to decide whether we make this edge-case a paid service or to hinder the development of future TYPO3 versions - we chose the continued development of TYPO3 CMS.

"Expensive" is no absolute term. A car can be considered expensive, when compared to a piece of bread. So you need to put things in relation to each other.

I want to give you an example based on real world use-cases from 4.5 support.

  • Making the old, 3rd-party code compatible with IE10: 25 person days of work (packaging the release not included)
  • Fixing the cache poisoning issue with absRefPrefix: 125 person days of work (packaging the release not included)

So you see, supporting a TYPO3 version is probably a lot more work than you anticipated. At the same time we cannot be sure if we have security issues to patch or new browsers to maintain - making a reliable calculation simply impossible.

We need to mix up our calculation so we can deliver the standard we always delivered.


Because we are fine traveling economy ;-)

First off, it is important to make clear that migrating to TYPO3 CMS 7 or higher is never wrong advise.
Basically this extended support does not remove the reason to migrate, it just postpones the situation.
So by advising your client to migrate you actually saved the clients' money.

In case of problems you can contact Mathias Schreiber, the Product Owner of TYPO3 CMS and arrange for a meeting or a phone call to set things right.