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As a partner of the Landesbetrieb Daten und Information (LDI), we create and maintain the web presence of the state government of Rheinland-Pfalz and many of its ministries, offices and institutions.

In addition to numerous successfully completed projects in the area of technical implementation, you will also find projects in the area of content management and consulting. Learn more about the requirements and implementation for the website projects company formation, crowdfunding and sustainable management in Rheinland-Pfalz.

The Requirement

The microsites on Gründen, Crowdfunding and Nachhaltig Wirtschaften in Rheinland-Pfalz did not exist at the beginning of the project or were not up to date. The requirement was to create an additional domain for the individual projects in the central installation of Rheinland-Pfalz and to create a separate interface for the individual communication projects. The implementation was intended in particular to promote the visibility and accessibility of the individual departments of the Ministry of Economics in the public eye.

Besides the technical realisation, the main requirement was Implementation of an IA workshop Development of the website structure Transfer and structuring of the delivered texts into the TYPO3 Backend Image research and placement Support for editorial maintenance Editor training courses.

The Solution

At the beginning of all communication projects, our information architecture workshop was the order of the day. Here, together with customers and partners, the organization and structure of the content was prioritized and defined.

After our TYPO3 developer team had technically set up the individual pages in the central installation, the realization of the visual part of the microsits began. This included the editorial structure of the pages, researching and defining the visual language, content maintenance of the delivered content, link building as well as consulting and support of the customer.

Finally, all three projects were implemented by us in the central installation of the state of Rheinland-Pfalz and now present themselves in the specified design.

Enable a distributed team of content marketers

If your multi-site organization has authors and editors located around the world, you need a CMS with precise permissions for creating, editing, and reviewing pieces of global and local content. TYPO3’s granular access control makes it easy. Editors with global permissions can manage shared styles and assets, while content marketers who know their markets like the backs of their hands get to manage local sites. TYPO3 enables unified branding and supports teams of global contributors.

Manage large volumes of varied content

A content-rich web property with tens of thousands 10.000s of pages, topics, assets, articles, FAQs, profiles, etc. can be difficult to organize and manage. The TYPO3 backend provides Dashboards, reusable Content Elements, and structured, hierarchical Page Trees and List Views that can be easily filtered and searched. Content editors can better manage their time by reusing standard elements and relying on TYPO3’s Dashboard notifications to keep them on track. 

Fast and relevant search results

When searching for content on your website, end-users need fast, relevant, and up-to-date results. TYPO3’s enterprise search functionality offers a faceted, drill-down search that integrates with Solr and ElasticSearch. Content Editors can analyze search results to optimize content and improve end users’ experience. TYPO3 provides powerful search functionality that leads users to the right content, quickly.

Deliver blazingly fast content

As your website scales and expands, you need to rely on infrastructure that accommodates new page visitors and traffic spikes. TYPO3’s infrastructure comes with great caching, upstream proxy services, and support for cloud storage, CDNs, and cloud-hosting services like Kubernetes or your provider of choice. Your organization can scale quickly and cost-effectively with TYPO3—get ready for traffic spikes, stress-free

Security is the top priority

Your team shouldn’t have to find out about security issues in the news after it’s too late to do anything, and your IT team should be able to rely on your CMS to address any sudden security issues. TYPO3’s proactive security team has a proven track record of rapid incident response and follows the best industry practices for communication, fixing security issues, and releasing fixes quickly. With a proven track record for handling even the highest-risk, enterprise-level challenges, you can trust that TYPO3 makes security its top priority. 

Secure sites with powerful Access Control

If your organization handles sensitive user data, your internal users will need different access levels to the information you handle on the backend. TYPO’s powerful access control features help define user groups’ levels of access.  Additional security features like multi-factor authentication, IP-address detection, and internal user directories keep the wrong people from accessing your CMS. TYPO3 ensures your internal and external users can access the information they need, but not more. 

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