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A TYPO3 modular system for own internet presences of the parishes and institutions of the Protestant Church in Württemberg.

Protestant institution, Media literacy center, Ecclesiastical
Technology Focus
Multisite, Content Management
Project Focus
Multiple Layouts, Modular Construction System
TYPO3 since

Challenge and solution approach

The Protestant Church in Württemberg has 2 million members in 1210 parishes. For many congregations and institutions, operating their own website is a major challenge, both financially and in terms of resources. As early as 2001, Evanglisches Medienhaus initiated a concept to develop a web-based modular system as an efficient, easy-to-learn and flexible offering. The solution was a TYPO3 modular system, which is now in its 4th generation of further development.  Communities and institutions thus have an interactive tool with a wide range of features and possibilities for content presentation in CD-compliant layouts. With over 1000 mandates it's one of the largest TYPO3 multisite systems.

Special framework conditions and custom-fit implementation

The high number of clients or customers generates many different needs. Thus, a scope of services had to be defined and developed that would meet as many requirements as possible while remaining scalable and expandable. This resulted in a large number of individual solutions for extensions and a very extensive rights system. There are very high demands on the performance of the system, i.e. the interaction between TYPO3 and the servers must be constantly monitored and, if necessary, adapted and optimized.

Strong technical features and benefits

  • Latest template technology based on ExtBase/Fluid
  • Multisite color management for fast layout productions
  • Builder wizard for website creation in seconds with all necessary group and page permissions
  • Integration of the SOLR search engine for internal as well as for cross-site searches
  • Novel, flexible news system on a page basis
  • Backend suggestion system for messages and events, i.e. data can be taken over by a modular editor for others to adopt in their modular system
  • Geomap plugins with various output functions, integration of external kml data
  • XLS exporter and importer for different dataset types
  • Data encryption in the backend
  • Diverse content design options with an extensive grid system

Manage large volumes of varied content

A content-rich web property with tens of thousands 10.000s of pages, topics, assets, articles, FAQs, profiles, etc. can be difficult to organize and manage. The TYPO3 backend provides Dashboards, reusable Content Elements, and structured, hierarchical Page Trees and List Views that can be easily filtered and searched. Content editors can better manage their time by reusing standard elements and relying on TYPO3’s Dashboard notifications to keep them on track. 

Reuse layouts, templates, and assets

Global brands need consistent design and reusable layouts. At the same time, they must retain customizability per product, brand, country, region, and language. In TYPO3, you can build reusable templates and content elements for shared design while adapting individual components to different contexts. TYPO3 ensures a consistent, unified design while providing individual marketers with the flexibility to work on local or differentiated brands.  

Individualize content for end-users

Nowadays, end-users expect the content they see to be individualized and targeted. TYPO3 makes it easy: hide or auto-publish content, integrate sales and marketing tools that personalize your website, and optimize content placement using A/B testing. With TYPO3 and the help of your preferred marketing tools, you can fluidly create, deliver, and optimize content for your organization’s wide variety of end-users.

Simplify complex content

Explaining a complex piece of software or physical product can be very involved, especially when your customers have limited time. TYPO3 provides all kinds of tools to make digital explainers accessible to a broad audience. Options like FAQs, a wide media format range, and interactive elements can all support your customer education needs. TYPO3 places the right digital tools at your disposal, so you can make a great first impression with new customers. 

Create and manage flexible Content Structures

Content editors want the ability to create and reused structured content. They need to be sure necessary information is displayed, across one or multiple channels. In TYPO3, you have access to a wide range of default Content Elements, but when they don’t fit your needs, you can create structured schemes for content that follow a uniform format. Gain flexibility and control by creating your own custom, structured content in TYPO3. 

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