Mandates of TYPO3 GmbH

We burn for our powerhouse CMS - and we enjoy sharing sparks to spread the fire

This means that we love to infect others with the TYPO3 bug and get them just as crazy about this CMS as we are - be it editors, developers or managers.

Every year we are actively involved in all of the many TYPO3 community events. Conferences, barcamps, user groups - you name it, we’re there. We give talks, offer workshops or simply linger in the background and give a helping hand if assistance is needed in whichever way.
We share information - e.g. about recent improvements to the system - and we show our workflow patterns to those interested in improving the system. It is so very, very easy to contribute towards developing TYPO3’s core!

If you’re organizing a TYPO3 event or are in need of an inspiring speech, feel free to contact us!

We share our knowledge & know-how

A code sprint is a get-together of developers and they’re a great way of improving TYPO3 as well as educating developers. We organize roughly 5 to 12 code sprints every year at web agencies throughout Europe. Anyone interested in joining can do so, there’s no classroom teaching and newcomers learn as they go.

We have a second offer down this line. You can send us your junior developer for a couple of months for on-the-job training. He or she will learn ever so much by working together with our experienced team members and get a good insight into everyday working procedures within the TYPO3 core. And you know what? It’s free!

Send Your Junior

Update postponed? Extended LTS (=ELTS) available!

Software updates are important, they keep “bugs from the door”. But sometimes a project just can’t be updated when it’s supposed to be. Sometimes it’s a time issue, sometimes there are other reasons. If the 3-year cycle of a Long-Term-Support version is drawing to an end (or has done so already!) and you’re breaking out in cold sweat because you’re in charge of your company’s website and you envision your system being hacked because it’s outdated, then we have an answer for you: Extended Long-Term-Support(ELTS). When bugs are fixed, this always applies to the current and the previous LTS versions (now: TYPO3 7.6 and 8.7), and not to older ones. And every time a new version is released, an older one is marked unsupported (e.g. when TYPO3 8.7 came out, TYPO3 6.2 was marked unsupported). ELTS provides you with security bug fixing for the last version that went out of regular support.

Extended Support

We provide a TYPO3 Service Level Agreement (SLA)

How can you be sure there’ll be support when you need it? Most of your company's infrastructure is secured by various SLAs. We’re now able to fill the gap and offer you a Service Level Agreement for the TYPO3 core itself.

We maintain your installation in close collaboration with your digital agency and/or your IT-team to provide you with the best possible service and a smoothly running system. Don’t be surprised if your agency or the freelancer in charge of your website refers you to us with regards to the SLA - we’re all in the same boat, just different seats.

TYPO3 SLA offerings

Negotiating, navigating & networking

This point is delicate, but we’ve decided against beating around the bush. Sometimes the going gets tough. Do you know the feeling when a project just doesn’t run as planned and expected? Communication between contractors and customers can get difficult. Or a particular project has such specific requirements, that developers need a second opinion on the matter (which shows just how professional they are, by the way).

Muddling along is no fun. And neither is the prospect of terminating the business relationship altogether and looking for a new internet agency.

You have a further option: take us on board as third-party experts to help find the best solution.

We have a team of TYPO3 professionals and one of them will sit down together with you and negotiate. When a good plan has been established and things are resolved, we disappear from the scene.

We are in no way competing with our everyday heroes - all those TYPO3 agencies and freelancers doing remarkable work each and every day out there! But we do know what it’s like when things are a mess - we’ve been there ourselves and learnt a lot from those lessons. And we know how good it is to have a helping hand when the going gets tough.

Part of this deal is that we commit to maintaining secrecy about any facts revealed in the procedure.

What's next?

Now that you have a decent idea of what we do, find out about our limits.

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