About TYPO3 GmbH

It’s okay to make a mess, experiments lead to powerful solutions

We’re a team of dedicated marketers, developers and writers that believes in having a good time while doing what we love, and we love what we do. 

Our purpose is to redefine technology that you love to use.

Rumor has it that some of us are nerds. But while we are proud to have some expert coders on board, not a single one of them bears resemblance with what Dr. Seuss first described back in 1950. In his book, "If I Ran the Zoo", one of the creatures in the zoo - an angry looking old man - is called a nerd. We’re considering adding photos to prove our point. This is where you clap.

We, the TYPO3 GmbH, have a philosophy of sharing our knowledge and providing expertise - for TYPO3’s community, for agencies and freelancers, and hence, for companies using TYPO3 to publish on the web. 

We’re pretty crazy about keeping TYPO3 CMS at the top of the class of user-friendly content management systems that enable building highly customized websites with a maximum of features. Sometimes we make a hot mess of things and code gets dizzyingly chaotic in appearance. Then we fix it and we’re a bit smarter than we were before.

We believe in bringing good ideas to life, working hard to help those ideas spread and in the philosophy of open source. And we believe in combining software development, communication and pleasure.

Our company was founded by the TYPO3 Association to act as a commercial arm. With our powers combined, we’re able to create bigger and better things. We’re based in Düsseldorf, but we proudly serve clients from all over Germany, other European countries as well from all over the world!

To get a better idea of what we do (and what we don't do!), check this page:

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Meet our dedicated team of professionals.

What We Do

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What We Don't Do

There is a lot in the TYPO3 world that we do not do. Learn more here.


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