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Updates on the TYPO3 Partner Program

First partners online

Edward Lenssen, CEO
"At we highly believe in partnership and quality. We are therefore more than proud to become the first partner of TYPO3 worldwide! With the partner program we want to extend our values partnership and quality to the next level.

As an expert, sees it as its mission to improve the standard of quality of TYPO3 websites. By becoming a partner of TYPO3 we want to actively spread the knowledge and development of TYPO3. In addition we organize international events like TYPO3camp Venlo, so people with a passion for TYPO3 can come together and inspire each other.

We believe in TYPO3 and are proud to work with this excellent product. As a partner we are honored to work with the dedicated experts of TYPO3 Inc. and the TYPO3 community. Together we will make TYPO3 better and provide the best solutions for our customers."


Björn Jacob, CEO TRITUM:
“We at TRITUM believe in the idea of an open source community that equally provides everyone with information, knowledge and support. Having benefited from this environment ourselves, especially in our early days, we want to continue to contribute to this inspiring community. We are happy and proud to announce our professional collaboration with TYPO3 as the first development partner in Germany!

This new status allows us to significantly increase the level of our customer service and guarantee that our projects will be executed according to highest quality standards. Having professionally worked with TYPO3 for more than a decade, we are convinced that we have gained enough experience to meet the high expectations that come with our new role. Hence, TRITUM is looking forward to intensifying our collaboration with TYPO3!”

Feedback and changes

As you probably know our partner program is currently in beta phase, meaning we are gathering feedback from requests, questions, partner applications, real life meetings, phone calls and more and incorporate that feedback into our program. Thank you already for all the feedback you provided and don’t hesitate to contact us with your suggestions.

The following parts of the partner program changed due to your feedback:

Requirement “Number of Employees”

The former requirement “number of employees” was changed to “number of full time employees working in a TYPO3 related area” to better reflect the real TYPO3 work force in your companies. Additionally all employee numbers were lowered by one employee - meaning where you formerly needed more than 10, you now need 10 or more employees to apply for a tier.

Requirement “Community Commitment”

While we believe that involving your employees in community work benefits both TYPO3 and your projects we acknowledge that your workforce is precious and scarce. As the partner tiers already require increasing numbers of employees working in TYPO3 resulting in a higher number of hours required as community work we decided to lower the overall percentages for community commitment. Professional tier partners now only need to provide 1.5% of their workforce for TYPO3 (down from 2%), Enterprise tier partners need to provide 2% (down from 5%).

Requirement “Website built with TYPO3”

By talking to interested applicants we came to the conclusion that the requirement “have your own website built with TYPO3” is unnecessary as it does not help to ensure quality nor stability of the solutions a company builds. Additionally you may use many different software solutions in your company depending on your clients needs and use any one of those to build your own website - but that does not make you a bad partner, probably just the opposite.


We are constantly updating our FAQ section with answers to your questions. If you have another question, just use the form at the bottom of the page.

We updated the partner program information material according to these changes.

Meet us

If you’d like to speak to us in person, you can meet us at

or visit us in our office in Düsseldorf.

We are happy with the current interest in the TYPO3 partner program and hope to see you as a partner soon.


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