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TYPO3 GmbH Launches All New Partner Program

We spent the last months designing the new Partner Program for the TYPO3 ecosystem.
Our goal was to build a framework that allows everyone who is building solutions with TYPO3 to shine in their respective fields, rather than just a simple buy-in with a membership.
In addition, our program needs to aid the cause of the TYPO3 Association and not cannibalize it.

The Goal

Why build a partner program in the first place?
Well, we had a couple of issues we wanted to tackle within the TYPO3 professionals community.

  • Improve the quality of TYPO3 projects
  • Give potential clients a helping hand in finding quality partners
  • Promote agency expertise
  • Raise awareness for open source usage
  • Provide a fair and reasonable comparison, regardless of size
  • Make people who are active in the community stand out

The Workflow

Apart from our internal meetings and planning sessions we figured we could solve the situation with a completely radical approach. We ask.
So we interviewed both customers and agencies and worked out together how each involved party would like the Partner Program to work.
We published the results of the agency survey to give you an idea.

The Result

Today, we are happy with what the Partner Program can become. It can help customers to take educated decisions and provides visibility to the partners themselves.
Furthermore, being a partner now directly benefits the TYPO3 project as a whole - instead of simply transferring funds from A to B. What matters are skill, experience and quality, which were the most requested topics by clients in our interviews.

We are happy (and a bit proud, to be honest) to further foster TYPO3’s ecosystem as of today.

Click here to find out more about our TYPO3 Partner Program.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner and want more information, sign up here.


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