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MaxServ’s MATE Nominated for Best Magento Extension

Audience and stage during a MaxServ event

Thanks to Ronald from MaxServ for sharing.

Cool! MaxServ is nominated for the Dutchento Awards 2018 with their MATE solution! We are of course very proud of this nomination; great recognition of the MATE product and our Montel.nl case.

On Friday June 1st, 2018, the 10th edition of Meet Magento The Netherlands will take place in the Jaarbeurs, Utrecht. This is where the Dutchento Awards are presented for the fourth time.

On May 7th, 2018, the jury announced the nominees for the awards in the categories Best B2C Project, Best B2B Project and Best Magento extension. MaxServ is nominated with their Montel.nl case (based on the MATE platform) for this prestigious award in the category best Magento extension. So let’s vote to shake up the Magento Community!

Vote for MATE here!

MATE for Montel.nl; an inspiring webshop with rich content

A generic e-commerce platform with extensive possibilities for rich and flexible content. The platform is a communication layer between the e-commerce capabilities of Magento 2 and the user-friendly enterprise content management of TYPO3 CMS. This concept is also known under the project name "MATE" (Magento And TYPO3 Environment).

It supports Montel.nl in the Netherlands with their commerce and content strategy and marketing efforts. Also, it provides very flexible and intuitive possibilities for editors to implement the content strategy.

This in-depth "block level" integration is fully customized, however it’s a generic extension and suitable for every Magento 2 environment. The degree of content integration can be determined according to the needs. It also offers a fully integrated front-end user experience to ensure a single-domain strategy can be used.

Meet Magento The Netherlands

Since 2009, the “Meet Magento” event in the Netherlands takes place under the Dutchento flag. This 10th edition in 2018 is also dominated by the powerful Magento e-commerce platform. During the event speakers, developers, webshop owners and Magento enthusiasts come together to share the latest developments about the platform and - above all - to learn. The awards will add extra strength to this event by highlighting and rewarding the best solutions from the community. MaxServ is extra proud to be nominated this year!

Magento solutions from MaxServ

Are you building an inspirational platform like the Montel.nl case? Or are you just curious about the possibilities? If so, please contact MaxServ. MaxServ advises the most suitable Magento/TYPO3 solution for your specific needs. Want to know more about our MATE innovation? Read the "MaxServ presents Innovations for Commerce & Content” article.

Vote for the Montel.nl case before June 1st! ;)

To cast your vote, visit the Dutchento Awards Form. Let’s shake up the Magento Community!

Vote for MATE here!

(Please note: You need a Google Account to vote! Thank you for your support.)

Ronald Meeuwissen

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Ronald Meeuwissen

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Besides his interest in TYPO3 he is a husband and father of 2 kids. In his spare time he is active in both the Magento Community and the TYPO3 community. Also loves playing golf, watching Formula 1 or playing around with solar energy.

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  • Ronald Meeuwissen

    Ronald Meeuwissen

    June 5th, 2018

    Thanks for voting all! We got the award! Meet Magento Awards 2018, MATE as best service extension. So cool! :)

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