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Keen on Contributing Towards the TYPO3 Core?

Thanks to René Gropp of TRITUM GmbH for the picture.

Are you a TYPO3 developer and considering contributing towards the TYPO3 project? If so, a code sprint is THE place to go. But first off, there’s something that needs clarifying. Contrary to a common misunderstanding, participating in TYPO3 code sprints is not limited to core team members!

While some code sprints are intended for experienced developers only, TYPO3 code sprints aren’t. We believe in sharing knowledge and know-how. And we believe in empowering through hands-on learning.

Code sprints - including the TYPO3 Core Code Sprint - are open to all TYPO3 developers!

TYPO3 has no strict hierarchies and anyone who would like to contribute to our common goal of creating working software can get in on the act.

Also, contributing doesn’t mean that you have to write code. Feedback from reviewers is indispensable in order to give a high finish to the software. And there are lots of folks who give valuable input in discussions on tickets and who test what’s been built. These contributions in total are the foundation of the TYPO3 open source platform.

All TYPO3 developers are welcome to code sprints!

Long time TYPO3 coding enthusiasts as well as TYPO3 beginners with little or no experience can join in. Participants will learn from others as they go, but sprint time is short and the focus is not on instruction.

You’re a TYPO3 developer? You know the basics of PHP, CSS, HTML, MySQL and TypoScript? Then come, share and inspire at a code sprint! We’re fully aware that there’ll always be differences in the levels of knowledge, so experienced developers will spend time explaining things, if needed.

To maximise results and to make the most of the limited time we spend together, yet to also make it a really enjoyable event for beginners, we ask them to prepare themselves in 2 ways ahead of time.

A beginner’s guide to TYPO3 code sprints - to-dos before attending!

It can be an exciting time for you when you have finally decided to make that step into the world of TYPO3 code sprints.

In preparation, make sure you know these ropes:

  1. You’ll need to know your way around our issue tracker, that’s Forge.
    If you’re unfamiliar with the system, watch this video: Tutorial - Platforms of the TYPO3 project or check the screenshots in this article.

  2. And you’ll need to know how to contribute to the core, that means you’ll have to have created at least 1 patch beforehand.
    If you’re in doubt, check our TYPO3 Contribution Workflow (60-90 minute read).

Both steps will help create momentum and save time at the beginning of the sprint.

TYPO3 code sprints in November & December 2017

>>> TYPO3 Core Code Sprint

This sprint will focus primarily around TYPO3 core issues (integrator benefits in particular).
Where: Wiesbaden, Germany
When: November 27-30th, 2017

>>> TYPO3 Code Sprint: improving the form framework

This sprint will focus primarily around improving the TYPO3 form framework.
Where: Jena, Germany
When: December 6-8th, 2017

Find out more about the sprint in Jena here.

Participation in code sprints is free of charge and all folks interested in getting involved in TYPO3 community projects are welcome.

What’s in it for employers?

  1. The quickest and biggest gain probably comes from what developers learn at TYPO3 code sprints. They’re a great pipeline for employers to get highly qualified staff. Code sprints are a great opportunity for extending knowledge and gaining additional skills - valuable knowledge that’s brought straight back to home base.

  2. Employers gain a competitive advantage. By having employees take part, you’re also gaining a deeper insight into future steps related to TYPO3 core.

  3. Attending TYPO3 code sprints means that you gain influence and can help shape the future of TYPO3’s core.

  4. Code sprints are a great opportunity for strengthening your network with highly qualified developers.

  5. You’ll gain deeper insight into technological best practices (what's state of the art development...).

  6. Connecting with the core development team lowers any barriers there may be between your agency and the core development team.


If you’re a developer, code sprints are the place to go. Sprints are a great opportunity for improving skills, and for meeting like-minded people. Join us! We’re looking forward to meeting you!

If you have questions or if you’re in need of assistance then feel free to contact us.The easiest way to do so is by joining our Slack channel where you’ll always find somebody to ask and who’ll be able to point you in the right direction!

We have a #typo3-cms-codesprint channel there, so pop by and say hello! If you’re already a member of Slack, then here’s the direct link to the code sprint channel. Stay tuned & keep well!