June 2017

An Update on TYPO3’s Partner Program

The Partner Program has now entered its official stage and is well on its way. Currently, new editing features are being developed, which will run through the procedure of beta testing before being integrated. We’re also taking things a step further and are tailoring a new program specifically for TYPO3 freelancers.

Testing TYPO3’s Core - Part III: Unit Tests

Units are the smallest testable parts of software. The workflow patterns we use for testing TYPO3´s core have evolved over time and unit testing became an integral part quite a few years ago. This was after experiencing rather strange issues when first integrating the scheduler into the core.

SkillDisplay - How to Learn New TYPO3 Skills

Learning is a personal experience and everyone learns in a different way. It’s about content, and also about the different styles of learning. SkillDisplay shows how TYPO3 skills can be learnt and uses two methods for effectively visualizing information: the so called SkillTree and the SkillPath.