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An Update on TYPO3’s Partner Program

Today, we’re proud to announce that the beta phase of our TYPO3 Partner Program has successfully drawn to an end and the program has now entered its official stage.

Due to all of the helpful feedback we received, we were able to maximize and refine its performance and we’d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who took the time to get back to us. We highly appreciate your feedback!

The beta phase ended on May 31st with rewarding results. It provided us with a whole lot of input and tested the program’s effectiveness in anticipation of the official release. We're pleased with how the processes now work, and also with how well the TYPO3 Partner Program is resonating with people. And of course the end of the beta phase does not mean that there’ll be no more improvements made to the program in the future.

The program seeks to support TYPO3 agencies in showing their expertise by providing a wide scope of services ranging from being featured on TYPO3 GmbH’s website to being able to publish case studies on There are also various files and documents with helpful information that can be accessed and downloaded in the partner area.

There are a whole lot of agencies out there who’d love to help you with your TYPO3 website. Browse and contact our partners to get state-of-the-art, top-notch quality for your projects.

Hire qualified, validated TYPO3 experts!

Special features are being integrated

We are currently also in the process of adding special features to the partners’ login area. Partners will soon be able to edit and update both their company’s profile as well as their case studies on the TYPO3 GmbH website, thus improving their online visibility.

The beta phase is an essential part of any development process and these editing features will follow the same testing procedure as the TYPO3 Partner Program itself did. The full range of functions will be tested in a beta version with our first partners. When this has been successfully completed, the features will be rolled out and provided for all partners. Besides being able to then give your company’s profile a more personal touch, adding editing features also aims at significantly speeding up the time it takes to add new case studies to your partner profile.

We’ve updated the TYPO3 Partner Program information - get your free copy:

Freelancer Partner Program is now on the starting blocks

Although the scenario for TYPO3 freelancers is quite similar to that of TYPO3 agencies, and freelancers also often work together with agencies, their needs aren’t identical. Therefore, we’re now in the middle of creating a program specifically for TYPO3 freelancers. Maybe you’re a freelancer and interested in joining up with us? Your feedback via this survey would be greatly appreciated as it’ll help us improve our ability to serve you and other freelancers. The average time for the completion of the survey is approximately 2 minutes.

Do you have questions about our Partner Program or beta testing in general? Feel free to contact us or leave your question below. Thank you for reading & stay tuned!


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