TYPO3 100% Open Source
We are committed to true Open Source. No hidden agenda, no license jungle - simply GPL. For you this means that you will make a safe and reliable investment by choosing TYPO3 without any legal issues later on. “TYPO3: 100% homegrown, fresh and juicy Open Source!”
TYPO3 runs self-hosted
Feel free to install TYPO3 on any server you like that supports the minimum of system requirements. TYPO3 has no binding to a specific hosting partner even though you will find specialized TYPO3 hosters who have the knowhow to make your sites fly.
TYPO3 is reliable and state-of-the-art web technology
Any buzzword for your site - be it HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, Twitter Bootstrap or Zurb Foundation - it’s all there. But you also got all the freedom in the world to choose what you want for rendering your website or online application. So your website can be mobile-friendly, mobile-ready,mobile-first or whatever-we-will-be-faced-with-in-10-years-first, it’s all in your hands.
TYPO3 is truly scalable according to business needs
Everybody claims to supply a scalable system. They talk about Varnish caches and proxies. But then the caches scale - not your system. TYPO3 is able to handle a lot load more than most competitors. By supplying both built-in caching as well as high-speed lean API access TYPO3 will grow as you grow your business.
TYPO3 offers industry-leading multilanguage functionality
We designed TYPO3 to support multi-language sites more than 15 years ago. While supplying award-winning solutions for international websites we gained a lot of experience which we always re-implemented back into TYPO3. We know, that multi-language means more than having two languages in your system - it’s about regional differences for different countries and markets, on a highly flexible level to fit your needs. So you can be sure to have one of the most intuitive and field-proven solutions at hand to help you go global.
With TYPO3 you get safety first and foremost
In 2004 we already established a dedicated security team of experienced developers to keep your system and your data safe. But our engineers do not only keep TYPO3s core secure - they even check 3rd party extensions for potential threats and keep you informed. The team uses the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) to track and evaluate possible security-issues.
TYPO3 offers extendable functionality
We built TYPO3 to be extensible right from the start. Most of its own functionality is based on our Extension APIs. Whatever your challenges in digital are - you have the capability to bend TYPO3 towards your audience's needs. The community offers an extension for almost any challenge. The TYPO3 Extension Repository helps you find a solution for the challenges you face.
TYPO3 is mobile friendly out of the box
Since version 4.7. TYPO3 CMS supports the future standard for the modern Web - HTML5. Use modern fluid- rendering-, the Bootstrap- framework and state-of-the-art image rendering to support mobile apps and “responsive” Websites. Current versions can be easily operated using tablets or smartphones.
TYPO3 offers beyond state-of-the-art image rendering capabilities
Tired of waiting on your graphic department or agency to deliver the images for your website? For more than 15 years TYPO3 sets the standard in image manipulation in Content Management Systems. Scaling and cropping images is simple - anyone can do that. But TYPO3 can also compose new images based on a ruleset defined not only per website but even per use of a single image.
TYPO3 has out-of-the-box CDN support
Utilizing TYPO3s one-of-a-kind file abstraction architecture makes distributing your assets across the globe as simple as uploading a file. Your editors don’t need any training in order to use a CDN like Akamai or Amazon’s CloudFront - simply work with your files as you go - TYPO3 will take care of the rest.
TYPO3 CMS is multisite ready from the core
Every CMS on the market can help you build a website. But most times you will have multiple sites running. TYPO3 offers unlimited sites, out-of-the-box, based on either the same layout in order to keep your CI or each with a totally different look and feel - tailored to your audience. All in one TYPO3 instance, so sharing content between your sites is possible right from the start.
Make CI branding simple with TYPO3 CMS
Create a stronger binding to your clients and editors by making them feel at home - in the end, they will spend quite some time using TYPO3 in their daily work. Adjust the visual appeal of TYPO3’s admin interface by uploading your logo and setting your main CI colors. Add a finishing touch with a neat background image et voilà: you just branded TYPO3.
TYPO3 CMS has a built-in export/import for sites
We offer a built-in solution to export your site on one server and then import it on another. So you never have to worry about migrating your content from one site to the next. But there is more to this: You can even import the same site multiple times into the same TYPO3 instance so you can create pre-defined sites off your own template.
With TYPO3 CMS you can offer restricted areas on websites and applications
Have you ever needed a special area within your website that allow editors to publish special content or functions reachable only by a group of defined users like a customer service area, a retailer login or an intranet? The concept of restricted areas and website users that need to log in to gain access to this area is built into TYPO3 from the ground up, and ready to use within minutes.
TYPO3 CMS offers granular access permissions for editors
Allowing allocation of individual user or group rights for entire websites, pages, subdomains or even for extensions and specific content elements.
With TYPO3 CMS you can automatically schedule content publishing
Prepare your content today and use the automatic timed publishing-functionality for a single part of your website like an image or banner, or even full areas of pages to show up at in the time you want for your visitors.
TYPO3 CMS offers integrated handling of remote media
TYPO3 provides a unique, yet simple way to handle remote files like videos hosted on youtube or vimeo. Media assets are available just like regular files for your editors to work with. The times of having Excel sheets containing URLs to external media are over
TYPO3 CMS assures higher code-quality through QA guidelines
The system is tested with over 8,000 automated tests. Unit tests are a way to detect design flaws or hidden bugs in existing or newly introduced code. Additionally new code only gets integrated in the TYPO3 core if a series of code-style tests are completed successfully, ensuring consistency in the codebase.
TYPO3 CMS has built-in content versioning & workflows from its core
Use TYPO3’s workspaces to abstract internal approval processes, versioning of any kind of data to keep track of changes and workflows to provision tasks and to publish content through a defined workflow.
Keep full control of your design with TYPO3 CMS
With TYPO3 you have full control over your sourcecode. If you need to customize the sourcecode of a page you are able to manipulate any kind of page-rendering-options. The best way to support search engine optimization (SEO).
Do a reliable budget planning with Long Term Support for TYPO3 CMS
TYPO3 was the first open source content management system to provide long term support (LTS) three years after the release of the version. You get free security and critical bugfixes for your stable release with a one-click-update.
Do multi-channel content publishing with TYPO3 CMS
TYPO3 supports an easy way to publish your Content in different formats like XML, JSON, PDF or just plain HTML as default. As an example it’s simple to create print-versions or RSS Feeds from the content you have.
Choose any database you want with TYPO3 CMS
TYPO3 runs best with MySQL, but you can use any other DBMS under the hood like Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL. It just fits to what you need.